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coffeeshop in Leeuwarden
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Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 9 Aug 2009
Located on a small pedestrian street between the Stadhouderlijk (the fancy hotel) and the main shopping canal. It's one of the earlier opening Leeuwarden shops. We visited on a Saturday morning and were the only patrons just after 10 AM. Sampled a 10 Euro 1.3 gram bag of K2 and found it of good quality. Other menu items included White and Black Widow, Edelweiss, PP, etc and a small assortment of hashes. They sell in 5 Euro amounts and up. This shop has glassed off a comfy couch area for mixed smokers. Pure tokers can light up anywhere. Budtender very friendly "These coffees are from me". Don't think they get many tourists, but they treat them well when they do.