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The Saint

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Reviews of The Saint Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 5
Positive Review Landis from USA. Sent 10 Nov 2009.
The interior has been reshaped to allow more indoor seating, I usually smoke only hash and was pleased with the product available and the price; the staff is great. I've been going there since 1997 and always enjoy a milky coffee with hash at the tables out front. Aaahhh yes, can't wait till next time!
Positive Review SuperSaint from Netherlands. Sent 17 Apr 2009.
I am sorry to read all the negative comments about The Saint. I just bought the place and I am planning to do it totally different than the former owner. I will focus more on the customers and the products instead of focusing on fast-money-making. More of a long-term vision instead of a short-term vision. As you know, improvement takes time. I have been renovating the place for 3 weeks and just opened. I finished renewing the interior and I am now working on the weed/hash menu. Step by step the shop is transforming into a coffeeshop which will be loved again! Hope to be better than ever and looking forward to read some positive comments about the shop.
Negative Review Courtjester from USA. Visited 15 Dec 07. Sent 7 Mar 2008.
After a day traversing out-of-Centrum coffeeshops, we decided to try The Saint, which was the closest shop to our apartment, about 20 steps away, edging out The Bushdocter and Rokerij III by about 10-15 steps each. So many choices, but Mrs. C.J. and I felt obliged to visit our immediate neighbors in the alley. There were two other people there, the budtender and one customer. I stared for about 90 seconds at the absolutely crap weed menu, Thai, Colombian - really nothing more than schwag weed you can get anywhere, for skunk prices. I almost spoke up and ordered some schwag. And then I wondered why I would do such a thing. The entire time, no one in the shop spoke. I looked at Mrs. C.J. She looked at me. I gave the head bob. She led the way to the door. If all coffeeshops were like The Saint, cannabis no longer would be among the many compelling reasons to visit Amsterdam.
Negative Review Micky W from UK. Sent 14 Feb 2008.
Found this place by accident, I would have not known it was there if I hadn't looked down an alley way and seen the neon sign, went in and first thing you notice is that it's dark, dingy and a bit of a dump, the menu consisted of 5 different weeds Skunk, Super Skunk, Colombian, Jamaican And Thai, I like a bit of outdoor but all the strains looked seedy and far too compact for my liking so I went for the Skunk. At 13 euros for 2gms it's pretty cheap, but you get what you pay for. Bad weed, dry with a muddy/dirty taste like a bad outdoor strain, the Thai bloke running the shop was friendly enough and willing to show me all his products no problem but that don't change the fact the place is bad. Won't be going back.
Negative Review Paul from USA. Sent 7 Jan 2008.
Poor quality smoke, over priced, and over crowded. I would avoid this place.
Negative Review Lunny from UK. (living in Ams) Sent 19 Sep 2007.
I agree with Zack from Canada. Very poor quality smoke and a budtender who was miserable as sin. Decor was interesting, with posters covering the ceiling and past customers comments wrote on Rizlas, stuck up there also. Music was not too great either. Give it a miss, too many other good shops right around the corner.
Negative Review Zack from Canada. Sent 11 Aug 2007.
Worst coffeeshop in Amsterdam, smelt gross inside and the weed was horrible so I didn't buy any. The budtender wasn't very friendly and the Purple Haze he tried to sell me looked like dirt and sticks. The only saving grace for this place is its patio, which isn't even that great. Do not go here if you want to save yourself some time. Or just buy a coke and smoke some good stuff bought elsewhere on their patio like I did! 0.5/10
Positive Review Kane and Hannah from UK. Sent 25 Jun 2004.
We made our way here at the end of a crawl one night for a 'nightcap', and were confronted by a nice little cozy shop with plenty of seating available. As I entered I realised the door was open so I tried sliding it closed, not realising there was a door jammer thing on the floor keeping it open, and it took me a little while to realise that the guy working there was protesting whilst I was trying to force shut his door (he had an accent and I couldn't quite hear him as I was very, very stoned), ha, well, the guy forgave me and I purchased some White Widow, a Coke and some coffee with a red face - all of which were memorable.
Positive Review Qahouaji from USA. Sent 9 May 2004.
This shop is pretty good when it comes to weed. Once upon a time they had a deal for 5g of purple bud for 40NLG; I don't know if that's still true, I'd like to hear more about what they're like now. When you arrive, you'll push through the beaded entry and enter a very cozy shop, the service isn't bad. Their hashish is terrible, a waste! Stick to their weed, though that's true of a lot of shops today.
Positive Review Landis from USA. Sent 27 Feb 2004.
The Saint is GREAT! I've been going there every year since 1997; great milky coffee with hash. The Smoke is reasonably priced and of fine quality. Staff is helpful and the location makes for a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Rembrandtplein!