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coffeeshop IJmuiden
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Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Medium sized pace comes with about twenty-five cushioned seats to sit at, clean and relatively comfy. Busy old school place due not much competition around and having a somewhat big menu. White Widow (9€/g), Silver Haze (9,5€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g), Super Silver x G13 Haze (11€/g), Og Cheese (12€/g), Blueberry Kush (13€/g), Dream Gold (14€/g), Kosher Kush (16€/g), Super Lemon Haze (11€/g), Mango Kush (11€/g), Alex Rift (sp. 12€/g), Fantastic Four (13€/g), Black Diamond (14€/g), Green Magic (10€/g). Hash: Ketama (8€/g), Cream Maroc, Lemon Haze Block (10€/g), Girl Scout Cookies (11€/g), Og Kush Block (9€/g), Caramel (10€/g) and Lily Block (sp, 10€/g). Opted for some Dream Gold which was weighed up and nice enough. Also got some tasty Caramel. Funnily there was a sign stating next year this shop will be turned into pick-up-only due to new law regarding smoking ban coming up so coffeeshops in general (!) all across the country have to follow suit! Didn't find anything on the internet or elsewhere though. Time will tell.