Sensemillia 2

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Sensemillia 2 Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Mojo from China sent 10 May 2018
I had a few hours to kill, waiting at Schiphol airport. I schemed up a cunning plan to go and find hash in the local suburbs. 5 minutes of rapid Google fu and ACD pointed me in this direction. All I needed now was an efficient method of transport. Shank's pony - not possible due to time restrictions. Push bike - nowhere to hire them and I didn't think borrowing one was cool ;) Bus - bingo! We have a winner. Number 69 :) to Sloterdijk. It took no longer than 20 minutes and there's a stop at the end of Meer en Vaart. Walk down towards Sloterplas for 2-3 minutes and you hit the waterfront. You can't miss this building, it's right by the waterside. The location is brilliant, not your typical Amsterdam smoking backdrop, it's a huge shell of a building. This area isn't as densely populated as the centrum, there's a bit more breathing space out in the 'burbs and you can swing several cats around, inside here. I was given a warm and friendly welcome, got a nice section of cream and skinned up a fat one. 9 bills is a fair price, for the wares on offer and I was lekker on, before I'd burned the spliff half way down. The man running the shop said the Diamond had been most popular with his customers around the 'dorp. I found a shop, on my way back to the bus stop, I bought a pot of yoghurt. While I waited for the bus, I sprinkled the rest of my gram in my yoghurt and ate it down. By the time my flight left I was on another level. This is worth a visit, if are at Schiphol and have at least 2 hours spare. If you have longer then you could have a nice time by the water, getting stoned and enjoying the Slotermeer vibe.
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat) sent 8 Sep 2015
Local spot, big massive shop. Big menu as well, but not much decent bud here. He has nice haze, C5, silver and Ami all worth a buy. BTs are quite safe here too. Always friendly, honest as well, ask for the best batch they have, and they show their best, not their most expensive. They do an LA Kush, use to be 15e, but its now 12e. Don't really taste like a kush, but its got a decent kick on it, the dude loves giving you a warning when you buy it, some shit about it being strong. Big Budda Cheese is okay, when it's fresh. Had C5 here last week, and it was the best C5 I've ever had, real good batch of it, 11 e I think, got a 20 of it, real piff haze, enjoyed it. I only go here if I'm running low on sativa and can't be bothered to go central. And for that this shop is more than adequate. If you're in Osdorp then go there, if you ain't, it ain't worth a travel.
Positive Review Jack Ganja from UK sent 29 Jul 2013
Sensimilia is the closest coffeeshop to my friend's house where I stay in 'dam, so on the days when it's too hot to get a tram to the centre or we just don't feel like travelling very far, this is where we go. (Although for tourists staying in the centre it's a half hour tram ride, the surrounding scenery is beautiful and if you've got a week or more in dam it's well worth a day trip to the Neuw West). The coffeeshop itself has one of the best positions a coffeeshop could have, upstairs next to a marina, and sharing the building with a bar (I think) and a Chinese restaurant. The menu's in Dutch ( no prizes for guessing what "Zilfer Haze" is, seriously I speak terrible Dutch and I can understand it) the prices are a euro or two cheaper than the centre and the staff are friendly and will recommend what's good. The White Shark is good, nice taste and pretty strong. The drinks are cheap and come from vending machines and there's a cigarette machine as well.
Negative Review Courtjester from USA visited 18 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
This was a promising stop gone weird. Take the No. 17 tram to the Ruimzicht stop, almost to Osdorp, and it's in the brick building directly across the street from the tram stop, immediately in front of the lake. As mentioned, the physical setting is unparalleled by any other coffeeshop we've visited in Amsterdam. It would be spectacular in summer. It's in a building with 2-3 restaurants, including a Cantonese joint. The coffeeshop has a trendy, modern interior. We bought a weed called Moonlight (1g/E9). We rolled it into two joints, rather than one fatty, because it looked that nice - and was. The coffee/espresso/cappuccino/sodas are all E1.20, and all from self-service machines, which is cool. Now, here's the problem. After I bought my second coffee, and we had just started smoking the second joint, a guy from Turkey came over. We know he was Turkish because he made a point of telling us immediately. He worked there. He asked us why we would come to this coffeeshop, since we're Americans (it was mostly Middle Easterners). We said we just wanted to visit, looked like a nice place. He started talking about himself, and compared Turks in the Netherlands to Mexicans in the U.S., whatever that means. Maybe he meant it was sort of like being an American in his coffeeshop. I'm not sure. I was a little slow on the unprovoked anti-U.S. uptake, because I've never experienced it in Amsterdam before (and because of the Moonlight), but Mrs. C.J. said she sensed it immediately. Ultimately, Mr. Chatterbox made the mistake of asking what I do for money in the real world, and I made the mistake of telling the truth. Conversation over. He retreated to a couple of his buddies, pointing and talking. When we finished the joint, I went over and shook his hand on the way out, told him I'd be sure to come visit him again, just to mess with him in front of his friends. Mrs. C.J. said he stared at us, out the window, throughout our walk back to the tram stop, and until we left. I'd go back just to screw with him, but she says the incident put it on her short list of never-agains, so that's that.
Positive Review Dane from UK sent 16 Dec 2006
What a setting. Take tram 1 virtually all the way to Osdorp in the West and you find this very modern, clean coffeeshop, all new bits and bobs, and it overlooks a huge lake. It has a terrace, so the summer nights look amazing here as you sample the several types of weed and hash. I had the Sunrise at 9/G, pretty good, they had at least 8 types of Dutch weed and several hashes, but the real memory here is of the amazing setting and the fresh air.
Negative Review Anon. sent 1 Dec 2003
[About old address: Zoelenkerkstraat 1] Last time in A'dam (Feb '03) was thriving. Went there last week, building knocked down, disconnected phone....GONE.