Sensi Seeds Corner Shop

growshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Sensi Seeds Corner Shop Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Deano from England sent 10 Nov 2006
I love this place. Over last few trips I've discovered it's my favourite place to wake up in the morning. I'm an early riser, like to watch Amsterdam wake up while stoking the first blunt. This busy little corner gives a bustling cross-section of Amsterdam to view out of its large windows. I find these places like little oasis somewhere to smoke no pressure to buy. Apart from this the coffee is one of the best around served in a big cup always with a smile. During my stay I had a couple of nice chats with beautiful Canadian girl working there (hey Sandra), whose main role seems to be telling everyone they don't sell weed (at which they go). I usually have pockets full of the stuff and don't find this a problem, this is a great place to smoke your purchases and chill over a nice coffee. Nice views inside and out.
Positive Review Jack from UK/USA sent 7 Aug 2006
Here, if you are very polite, you may meet some of A'dam's resident locals, from a cross section of countries. Mostly aging hippies with a mature outlook on hash. Great bunch.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 18 Jul 2006
Very fun place to hang, bring your own as they don't sell buds here, just seeds. Located just east of the Dam on a very busy street that was being re-bricked when I was there, so by now it must look very nice. There is a small terras out front where you can sit, then inside there is a counter along the front window, a great place to sit and watch the tourists watching you, ha ha. Inside is very cozy with chairs and tables, benches. The beverage bar has all the coffee and tea items you would want, plus the Chocomel, Red Bull, fruit juices, etc. They have all the information you would ever want to know about growing, and the seeds they have available are top notch, lots of award winners. Very chilled music, friendly staff, great vibe, this place is well worth a hang if looking for a pit-stop.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
Sell not weed or hash, upstairs can you wonderful chill, and we taste a red hemp wine it was fine.
Positive Review Glosta Massiv from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
I think this was my friends favourite, and if it had been closer to the hotel, I'm sure we would of made a lot more visits, although we couldn't buy any smoke from there, the coffee was nice, and the upstairs chillout area was amazing! Just like being in an Indian tent or something, loads of huge cushions and great music inside. be careful though! The stairs upstairs are narrow, very! and could be a challenge if you've already had a bit.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 29 Nov 2005
I dived into Sensi coffeeshop to escape the rain but found it vibrant, with a contrasting warm aura which of course kept me in there longer! The place was also complimented by its easy going staff which added to an already friendly environment. No problems smoking your own here as they don't sell it!
Positive Review Jack from Italy visited 10-13 Nov; sent 18 Nov 2005
A very nice shop with a very nice staff. But you can buy there only Sensi Seeds and no weed or hash.
Positive Review Triggerhippie from UK visited 30/04/05; sent 17 May 2005
Although there isn't a menu (which is kinda surprising), the chill-out room upstairs is totally worth a visit. The décor is Moroccan in style and whilst we were there, there was some banging drum and bass played. They also have a tea menu a mile long! The staff seemed friendly and earned my everlasting respect for bringing a drinks order for 9 up to us. NB .Do not attempt the upstairs chillout room after drinking/smoking too much! The stairs are narrow and steep (even for Holland!) They truly are the rickety stairs of death. You have been warned!
Positive Review Hash Man from USA sent 10 Nov 2004
This place does not sell pot but you can freely walk in and roll a joint and fire it up! It's only right to buy a coffee or a soda seeing its only 1.50 euro. After I rolled my joint I headed upstairs to find a real not so lite room with giant pillows scattered over the floor with people lying everywhere. Thank god I found a seat on a pillow and I sat down, let the music set in and let the weed burn.
Positive Review Lavinia from UK sent 8 Apr 2004
It actually made a change to go to a coffee shop that didn't sell and it was nice to know that we had a place to chill from the other hectic, busy coffee shops. As well as having very interesting conversations with the owner / staff who could speak very good English as well as other languages and a good host. A must go.
Positive Review Flyski n Skinz from UK visited 2-4 FEB 04; sent 5 Feb 2004
Affords a prime street front location near one of the smaller canals. The tunes were light and funky and several customers were making use of the chess and draughts boards.
Positive Review Chuck from USA visited 1998; sent 9 Dec 2003
I know it's ancient history now, but in 98 they did sell bud and it was a decent atmosphere, but very slow service and you were lucky if the waiter could remember you at all.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Not to be confused with the excellent seed shop adjacent to the Hash and Marijuana Museum, Sensi Coffeeshop is a nice place to hang out. This is basically just a smoking lounge though as you can't actually buy any weed here. You should see how many people walk in, ask to see a menu, are refused and walk out. It is ludicrous that they either don't start selling weed or proclaim distinctly that they don't sell.
This is another corner shop that has many windows on both sides. Vegetative marijuana plants fill out the window sills. They also have the good fortune to own or lease the lofted area as well. Again the bar is dominant as you walk in to the right while many tables and seating areas are available throughout. They serve many drinks and a few munchies on the side.
The loft area is kind of hit and miss. I'm not sure when it's open and to whom but I did have the opportunity to crash up there one long dreary afternoon. Everything up there is at floor level with low tables and huge pillows throughout. There is a small bathroom upstairs so you don't have to keep making the trek up and down, and they even had some type of wait service albeit sloooooow (even for Dutch standards). It does get rather smokey and pretty hot up there which might make it feel not so good during the warm days, but while it was cold and rainy outside, it was nice up there.
Negative Review Ron from USA sent 31 Oct 2000
Sensi Seeds COFFEESHOP (not the growshop) was not selling any pot, just seeds.....that came as a surprise. I knew the growshop sold only seeds, but thought the coffeeshop would sell pot.......