Seventh Planet

coffeeshop in The Hague
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Positive Review Jesscass sent 11 Jun 2012
Relatively rough area. Weed e.g.: Bubble Gum, Silver Haze, White Widow, Power Plant and about 2-3 sorts of hashish. Guy behind the counter didn't speak any English but managed to get their best hashish, Hia-Hia (8,5€/g) which turned into oil/goo after kneading respectively preparing it for consumption. Pretty awesome, not the strongest though. Nevertheless I was impressed.
Positive Review Mr. Greenthumb from Netherlands sent 6 Feb 2012
I went to 7th Planet on a very hot day in July 2011. The shop is very small, more like a short hall with a glassed off counter at the end. No space for a football table or seats, or anything like that. The menu was reasonable for The Hague (unlike in 't Doorntje, there was one). It is situated at the very long Loosduinseweg. The offering on weed was limited. I bought a gram of Pure Power Plant (PPP), which is an indica dominant indica-sativa hybrid, which I usually don't like. The indica stone has a tendency to get me down, but it was on offer, and you get used to it after a while. The weed was strong enough. However, the assortment of hashish was much better. I bought some Haya-Haya (Hia-Hia?) hash, it is the best commercial hash I have ever smoked. Very uplifting and euphoric, which was a new experience for me, considering most hashes are poor quality indica affairs. The owners were sufficiently professional. Not a lot of eye contact and no conversation (they were behind a glass window, after all). Quickly, a line started to form behind me, with people standing around with their wallets out. Overall, professional, good hash menu, and decent prices.