Hunter's Rembrandtsquare

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Hunter's Rembrandtsquare Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Cool shop and good menu- Jack Herer for €8 was very fruity and whilst good quality the BT gave me all the schwag. Hunters are usually very good for hash, Temple Ball in particular.
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 25 Mar 2017
Popped our heads in to discover v busy even at 10:30am but smelled great so no doubt the pot is pucka.
Positive Review Memlock from UK (expat) sent 8 Sep 2015
This shop now has the Hunters menu, so their weed levels just raised their game. Had the Lemon Haze, always nice, lemon taste and smell, nice high. Citral was also very nice. The Citral is the same as Utopia's, and they ain't getting no more of it, so if you love Citral then this is the spot. Got some Chem Dawg as well, think it was Cheese Dawg but the it was piff! Real kick to it, taste and smell there, nice bit of cheese! BT was a bit moody, but who cares? I'm there to get weed, don't give a shit about the BT! As long as my bud comes right then we good.
Positive Review Michoacan from USA sent 5 Jun 2012
Fourth visit in 2 years. Tried the Strawberry @ 10e, on recommendation from budtender. Very fresh, tasty, nice buzz. Also got a gram of Sevilla Special hash @ 12e. Destroyed me. I have bought hash for 25e or more that hasn't been half this good. The coffeeshop has been remodeled and is a lot more comfortable.
Positive Review Michoacan from USA sent 28 Mar 2010
I stopped in Sevilla twice in March 2010, as it was near my hotel. A clean, brightly lit shop with tables and chairs. Had a lunch room feel, so not quite the place to lounge. I bought some Sevilla Special hash at 9 e. /gram which was good, not great. Bought two grams of White Rhino. Undoubtedly the most energizing pot I have ever smoked. So much so that I had to go for a 2 km. walk right away, and I had just walked 4 kms. Budtender was friendly. Coffee was served in a paper cup which was 1/4 full.
Positive Review Alex from Israel sent 8 Sep 2009
Very nice place, I was in Amsterdam for a week and most of the time I sat in Sevilla. The place is cosy, not loud music, good stuff. The Polish bartender (didn't catch her name) was very nice to chat with. A lot of foreign coins and bills on the wall and you can buy accessories also. Definitely will come back again.
Positive Review Malicious Nick from Sweden sent 29 Aug 2007
It may not be one of the higher profile shops, it may not even be one of the better shops, and it's definitely a "locals" hangout, but it will always be my favorite. I've been to Amsterdam four times over the past eight years, and I always spend most of time at the Sevilla (I may not buy much there, though the Red Lebanese hash is fantastic and cheap). For one thing the proprietor is as friendly as your gonna meet, and a good friend of mine (so I may be a little biased). Just chat him up a bit and he'll remember you, and is usually pretty accommodating with music and drinks and things like that. I even got him to blast some Sepultura (who are also fans of the Sevilla and have frequented it) plus the place has character. What some call seedy and dark, others call charming and cozy. There is currency from around the world on the walls (my own Svensk kronor hangs right by the register) and the music is pretty varied (though reggae predominates) and there are always opponents waiting at the foosball table. All in all, the Sevilla is a fantastic place to go hang out once you've bought some tasty overpriced pot from one of those "stuffier" shops. Though let's be honest here, everyone's got the dankness. As for people bitching on pre-rolled spliffs: dumbasses! Why on earth would you set yourself up to be cheated like that? Of course they're crappy! Learn to roll a friggin joint already!
Positive Review James from UK sent 30 May 2007
Sevilla was the first coffeeshop I ever visited due to its proximity to my hotel. The chap behind the counter was very friendly, providing us with some medium-strength 'Jamaican' for 8 euros / 1.5g. If you're not used to strong weed then this is a very good bud to start off with. It will get you high but won't send you loopy. There is a fussball table and two arcade machines to keep you amused.
Neutral Review Billy from USA sent 18 Jun 2006
This is a dark little hole in the wall place not too far from Rembrandtsplein. It has one of those "invisible" menus one has to press a button to illuminate. I only sampled the pre-rolled skunk joint and it was just not very good. We only made a stop here to watch the football on television, this place is small and probably only good if you are looking for a quick place for a smoke in this neighborhood.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 18/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: 1 Step up, not a big deal. Great bathroom that is accessible. Nice outside seating. 2G Silver Haze 14E. (5.5/10). Nice staff.