coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Claudio from Brazil sent 30 Oct 2012
Nice place. Good weed. Went there 1 time. 6/10
Positive Review Paddy from UK sent 2 Mar 2010
Me and my friend Storsky went to the outskirts trying to find one of the cheaper more "non local" coffee shops when we stumbled across this little treat. after walking for several hours not finding anything we spotted it and went inside, it had a very "local" atmosphere as in we were the only foreigners in there, haha. It had about 7 different types of green the most expensive was Cheese Haze at 9E per gram (I think it was the second nicest cannabis I smoked in Amsterdam). My friend got Superskunk 7E a gram, sadly the only thing they didn't have was "mega deals". It was a smallish coffee shop but it had a TV, arcade machine and toilet. The music hiphop/rap. The guy at the counter was very friendly he let me know where the Kashmir Lounge was (only 3 doors up, we walked past it) I would definitely go there again if I was in the area.