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Reviews of Siberie Number of Positive Reviews 20 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 12 Apr 2017
Chilled vibe shop, nice relaxed surroundings, good choice of strains that are mostly finished very well. Price point is fair too. Some ok outdoor strains (Durban was good) but check indoor stuff very frosty and flushed well. Worth a visit for sure.
Positive Review Yvan from France/Ireland sent 8 Jan 2009
This coffeeshop happens to be one of my favourites (even if I live a fair bit away). The dealers working there are all artists or musicians working part time and you always end up having great conversations, open minded people. The music is always interesting (from electro to dub to Irish folk to reggae to rock). Some great trance-electro stuff sometimes. They always have a display of paintings on the walls from different local artists. Drinks are cheap. Smokewise, if you're interested in weed, I would go for the PP-Lavender, (9/g), it's unlike any other weed. The Red Bud is nice and fruity (8/g). Personally I go for weaker stuff: their Outdoor Purple is great and cheap! Nice high (4/g), if you're into Thai weed, their one is very good quality/price (3/g). Hash wise, it's not the best, good but a bit expensive for what it is. I would recommend the Nepal (7/g). If you're up for a good conversation with staff and locals go there!
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Still a great place to hang. The "Tiger II" (8.50e a gm.) was great! Was fun to share a moment with my friends back home on the web cam inside.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
Last year this place was amazing. It kinda slipped on the list as far as the weed went it was not as good as last year. White Widdow was Ok looking, moderately crystallized with an amazingly strong skunky smell that you could smell rooms away, moderate bland hits although of strong smell, 8E/G and some Purple Haze which was just to make joints with which was very cheap and very low quality as I knew but its nice to go 50/50 with purple and something else and roll 20 joints then jump on a train or go on some adventure.
Positive Review Lole from Italy sent 4 Jun 2007
Nice and relaxing place where you can taste a good selection of hash! Casablanca over all!
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
This place is sweet. Great buds, just absolutely great buds! We got the Siberian Tiger and Mango both of which were grade A buds made for the Gods! Place itself could use some work, but the weed couldn't get any better. Fair prices! I would defiantly stop here if at all possible!
Negative Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
It's not so my thing here are you "Big Brother is watching you" on the www.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 18 Apr 2006
A lot of place in there but not much going on. The girls working there were very friendly and they have a really big selection of teas! Their Red Libanon, Red Bud, the Space Haze and the Miss Edelweiss where all very good!
Positive Review Darren M from UK sent 6 Dec 2005
Great little coffee shop in superb setting next to canal. Long and roomy, nice paintings, very clean and internet access for a small fee. I've heard in other ratings they play trance music but I cannot see this would fit in with the style of the place and was pleased to hear some nice mellow lunchtime vibes. Very friendly girl had problems with coffee machine so ended up having a few bottles of Coke instead. Didn't buy any weed here (although a friend did but cannot remember what sort). Stopped off at Barney's B/Bar just before as it is not to far away and bought some of their famous "Laughing Buddha" and this years Cannabis Cup winner "Willie Nelson". Girl in Siberie had no objection to us smoking it in there. Would definitely go back and imagine it would be great in the summer.
Neutral Review Scott from France sent 23 Sep 2005
The shop looks very nice and cosy from the outside, it's right in front of one of Amsterdam's canal. You enter the coffeeshop and the counter is 3 or 4 meters in front of the door - it's a small shop with about 15 seats (or maybe there is a second floor?). I didn't stay at all, I just went in there and bought 3 grams of Power Plant for 20 euros (more or less). The quality wasn't that great, the color of the weed was a brownish green. I smoked a normal joint of it later on and thought it was quite strong. But there was not that much taste or whatever. The weed is probably overpriced, but the coffeeshop ambiance is very good and it's really cute. Also, the bartenders are very nice.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Fantastic selection of soft black, felt cold though.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 3 Jul 2005
Nice shop in a quiet location. De Vrouw rated the "Purple Outdoor" among the best of our recent trip. Soothing music, nice staff, comfy seating, all around good shop.
Positive Review Jon and Lori from USA visited 7-13 Mar; sent 27 Mar 2005
NYC Diesel is just a name here, not as good as others. The Mightly Whitey here was excellent though. Got really stoned from it. Spent an hour 1/2 here one day playing checkers and smokin' in a torrential downpour. The staff was great, very helpful, one of the staff here even gave us his e-mail so we could download music etc. Definitely a chill spot, was one of the few we visited more than once and not too far from Centraal station.
Positive Review Bip from USA sent 23 Mar 2005
Siberie is the way you do the coffee shop right. An assortment of stupefying things for the kind smoker to gaze upon from art and venus fly-traps to the hottest female in the known universe working behind the counter. If you want to die, try the Siberian tiger, but anything on the list will do. Tea, chai, coffee, Dutch ice and scuff. Siberie makes the gulag look like paradise!
Positive Review Stephen and Sonja from USA visited Mar 17; sent 21 Mar 2005
Didn't buy any weed, but had a comfortable smoke there while enjoying orange juice and tostis. Nice and quiet location.
Positive Review Matthew from England visited 14-18 Feb; sent 22 Feb 2005
As a first timer here I was very impressed, I didn't buy from here but a very comfortable place with plenty of interesting art to hold your attention.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
This place was just next our house on browsergracht. We try their Thai & Skuff! The Skuff is really good and cheapest 8€ for 1g. Very good deals here.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
This was one of the few shops with a pinball game (the Doors Palace and Funny People also have them) - so my husband was more than stoked. Friendly locals struck up some conversation with us, which is always cool. If I remember correctly, the weed prices and quality were good. Nothing stupendous, but good. Tunes were also groovy.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7 '04; sent 3 Sep 2004
A fantastic little shop, I went there on this web site's recommendation and it was well worth it. Located near Centraal Station, right where the Singel (canal) and the Brouwersgracht connect, west of Centraal Station. Siberie has great ambiance; a very friendly staff, trance music, art all over the walls, I loved the goldfish hanging from the ceiling. Big tables to relax, read, or play any of the available games. A narrow place, with the weed counter at the back. The menu displays several buds under glass, and they will show you any "specials" they have going. Overall, a very nice menu. I got a Skunk joint for 3.20 euro and a cappuccino, the weed was just fine, a good deal for this part of town. They have an "Attack from Mars" pinball machine that I played for an hour up by the front door that opened to the canal, a beautiful setting, there is also terras seating. Great place to hang, check it out if you're in the area.
Positive Review Jimmy from England sent 4 May 2004
Very good deals here. Cheap. Got some Manali supercheap as it was a bit old and stale, but so much better than at home and it made good gifts. When you sit outside this shop in the summer you provide free entertainment for boatloads of canal trippers so that's good.
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
This was one of my favorite spots. It had some quality weed, some weird trance type music and very nice people. Plus, they had some crazy artwork on display. Definitely check it out; it's on a relatively quiet street along a canal. Make sure to stop in.
Positive Review Petrone from UK
Legend has it that former staff of RUSLAND opened up here in exile so to speak. In a previous century, these ground floor premises would be used for storage of goods, hence the wide doors, opening onto the Brouersgracht. An amazingly relaxed setting, for a shop so close to Central Station. It's spacious and relaxed with that idealistic, sixties feel for those of us who can remember.