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Sixty Two

coffeeshop Middelburg
Sixty Two
coffee shop Sixty Two, Middelburg, Zeeland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Sixty Two Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Negative Review Svstoned from Belgium. Sent 22 Sep 2008.
The Sixty Two is now closed due to selling their goods to a minor. Ouch, when will they learn their lesson? Thanks to that there are now exactly zero coffeeshops left in Middelburg. Sixty Two suits it's name because 62 is all the shop gets out a score of 100. In other words, the shop was never any good. If it ever re-opens, I doubt it because the major in Middelburg is very anti-coffeeshop, I'll let you guys know.
Negative Review Timothy from Belgium. Visited 31/03/2008. Sent 2 Apr 2008.
A very bad shop. I buy Bubblegum for 8€ per gram (5 gram for 40€). The quality was very bad, a mix of 1/3 good weed with dust. Small buds with low THC.
Positive Review Sjoerd from Netherlands. Sent 29 Feb 2008.
Sixty-Two is open again!
Neutral Review Dennis. (bartender Sixtytwo) Sent 17 Aug 2007.
From 22 Aug we're closed for 6 months. Some trouble with the mayor of this town, there was a minor in the shop and the police came in and now we're closed for 6 months.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 28 Sep 2006.
Was indeed open for business in mid June. A smallish shop with a large wooden table, a couple smaller ones and counter space for 4 or 5. We bought a gram of Super Pollen for 7 Euro. Which didn't impress at first, but snuck up on us nicely, and later a 6 euro gram of Skunk. Seems like the same fella working as was there in 03. He was pretty busy as the place has a good amount of in and out traffic, but found a minute to talk music when I commented how much I was enjoying the old Blue Note stuff he was playing. Regulars seemed OK with us being there. Pleasant location not far from the station and a block or so from the main market. Middelburg could probably use another shop or two as the 62 and cross-town Roxy, in this well worth a visit town, were quite busy when we were there.
Neutral Review Dennis. (bartender Sixtytwo) Sent 24 Jul 2006.
The end of the summer 2005 we had a little problem with Justice and had to close for 3 months but we’re back in business as usual. So now where open and you're all welcome to visit us and smoke some. If you found us on this site and your visiting us tell us that you find us this way (we always like it to know how you find us).
Positive Review E&S from UK. Sent 12 May 2006.
Like the Roxy, this is a place for locals. But I found it relatively friendly and there is a good atmosphere. It's good to have a choice of 2 shops in this small town. Middleberg is a small and very picturesque town.
Negative Review A.B. from UK/Belgium. Sent 10 Apr 2006.
Formerly I used the Sixty-two as it was cool and they had good stuff. Last time I went though, in July last year, it was very obviously closed, you might even say boarded up. From another comment it seems like the Sixty-Two has a new owner. I intend to check it out again soon and will comment in due course.
Negative Review Zoukoulou from France. Sent 30 Jan 2006.
There was a poor choice, and the guy who was there was really unpleasant: I kept my self-control but bought nothing! This guy should really change of job.
Positive Review James from Netherlands. Sent 26 Aug 2004.
Good menu, in the summer they seem to attract quite some young tourists, they have an interesting prerolled joint which is made of a mix of leftover buds, real heavy gear!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 8 Jan 2004.
Friendly, good selection, not too pricey, not a tourist place ...but with local regulars who were willing to converse. We visited two other establishments in Middelburg ...this was hands down our favorite...not too big, but could always find a table...people were helpful in recommending area attractions.