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coffeeshop Sittard
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Reviews of Skunk / Relax Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Jeremy from Belgium sent 25 Nov 2015
Very disappointed with my last visit. I always thought the price were the net weight but this time when I went home I weighted my purchase and: 0.5gr net of "Neder weed" when I paid for 1gr, 1.1gr net of "Snowball" when I paid for 2gr. Couldn't weight my "Pepsi" weed as I already smoked some of it. The weed is good and the building is awesome looking, but man, it's not worth the price if we get cheated on quantity :-(
Positive Review Digger from UK sent 28 Sep 2015
Visited early on a morning, opening hours advertised as 11am but I got in and sat down with my buds by 10:45. Nice surprise. Very busy little coffeeshop, by 11:15 it was packed and the queues were crazy. Guys behind the counter were nice. I ended up buying their Super Silver Haze; to be honest none of the buds looked visually great, pretty small nugs and bad trim job, but the SS smelt lovely and got me rather baked, so I can't complain too much there, I guess I've just been spoilt. Hash was good also, this was a surprise since I've seen a few reviews saying it was mediocre. No weedpass needed. Left in the door to Relax, right to Skunk. Relax has a nice little seating area and Skunk is just a "take-away" style.
Positive Review ManFromEast from UK sent 4 Sep 2015
Skunk has moved 100 meters to a new location directly across from the train station. Unlike many hidden coffee shops this one you cannot miss. Lovely bright interior and definitely one of the most stylish coffeeshops in the whole of the country. If you are driving there is lots of parking if you follow the road to the right near the park. I arrived at 11:30 on Friday and the shop already had a few smokers and a queue for weed. You are given a electronic buzzer and you wait until it rings to buy weed. I guess this place gets really busy sometimes. No ID check or pass needed, I guess the beard helps. 7 types of weed, 10-13.50 euro a gram. The usual selection of Amnesia, Cheese, Widow, AK, Haze etc. I tried the Cheese at 11 and the Silver Haze at 13.50. Quality is on par with the current state of Dutch weed. It's not cured very well and feels under flushed but it's better than what I can get in the UK and certainly not the worst I've had. This is about average for NL. Overall nice shop. I stop here often on my travels.
Positive Review Senne from Belgium sent 29 Jun 2015
I've been there many times and it always pays the effort to go back. It sure isn't the cheapest store, but that only makes it the best. Because I'd rather buy 1 expansive but tasty bag of weed than cheap bullshit! Best weed: Silver Haze, Amnesia, KCJones. Best hash: Hya Marok, Ketama. Keep it going Skunk&Relax.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 17 Dec 2014
Basically they have one entrance then you can go right into Skunk or left into Relax.
Positive Review Andy from USA sent 13 Dec 2010
If you are going to go to a coffee shop in Sittard, make it Skunk. For starters, it is closer to the train station than Relax - less than a 2 minute walk. The atmosphere is much nicer too and there were a bunch of people just hanging out smoking. The people working there were friendly and knowledgeable and the ganj was great. I got a gram of Bubblegum for 10 euro and a little pipe. I puffed a little in the shop but it was pretty crowded so I didn't stay long.
Positive Review CoupleOfGermans from Germany sent 2 Feb 2007
The Skunk is a small shop with 2-3 tables and a kicker-table. When we visited there were 5 sorts of weed and 6-7 of hash, high quality, good prices (for example 15€ for 2,2gramm Snowball). The atmosphere is ok and you can also buy cheap bongs/grinders etc.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
The coffeeshop highlight of our excursion to Limburg province came on the final day, when we took the 20-minute train ride from Maastricht to Sittard, specifically to visit Skunk. At the end of a two-week trip spent primarily in Amsterdam, Mrs. C.J. merely voted the Skunk White Night (2.2G/E15) as the best bud of the trip. I selected it third, behind Amnesia Haze and Laughing Buddha, both from Amnesia in Amsterdam. Regardless, Skunk White Night - a suggestion by the budtender after I asked to see the Cristal - was a memorable smoke, with dense, crystallized buds. This place is a major surprise and worth the side trip if you're near Sittard. It's only 100 meters from the train station - just take a left after you exit the station, then your very first right, and you can't miss it.
Positive Review Ward from Belgium sent 9 Apr 2006
Good coffeeshop. Only 4 or 5 choices of weed, but good weed. You have to ask if you can see bags. Don't take the most expensive one, ask them what's good and they'll give you good advice! The hash isn't very good, it's better to buy it somewhere else. More expensive than the Relax (other shop in Sittard) but better, better weed, nicer people.
Positive Review Mischa from Netherlands sent 14 Sep 2004
Little but very nice, good info and nice people but the most important, verry good weed!