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coffeeshop in Roermond
Reviews of Skunk Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review Jesscass visited Feb 2020; sent 5 Feb 2021
Another town I only heard terrible things about during decades coffeeshopwise but it was just a passage elsewhere so we took a look. Small place with four counters; I think people smoked inside as well but there was nearly no room. Menu for wiet (weighed up for you): Haze Gruis (?, 8€/g), Silver Haze (10,25€/g), Amnesia (10€/g), Bubble Gum (9€/g). Hasjiesj: Afghan (2g/11€), Super Pollen (8,5€/g), Polm (2,6/12,30€) and Rode Libanon (10€/2g), also something else I forgot about. Girl serving us was professional and recommended some Moroccan resin I forgot the name of which we purchased and found nice enough but average. Wiet looked average as well. Place was busy though. Perfect idea of a boring chain to me!
Negative Review Anyone from Germany sent 10 Nov 2018
I used to be a more or less regular customer over the past 7 years. And up to this point it was always good quality for tourist prices which one has to expect at a location like this. But last week me and a friend bought each one different strain, of which both were brixed. Not sure how that happened, because that never happened before. I still need to contact the owner to talk to him about that but still as of this moment: Do not buy anything there. brixxed shit is a nogo. (Btw not sure how to translate Brix, if it's translatable, it's a commercially available substance based on liquid plastic to 'cut' your weed)
Negative Review Totti from Germany sent 31 May 2009
This shop is really really bad, the staff is friendly but the weed is totally bad. High prices, bad quality. Drinks are expensive too, 2€ for all drinks (Nobody's: 80 cent for the most). And, you can't buy for 10€ White Widdow or something else, you can only buy what they got if they say White Widdow is in 2gramm packs you must buy 2gramm if you want to spliff with widdow for example. Totally wirred shop, drive a few kilometres more and visit Nobody's ;-)
Neutral Review Marcel from Germany sent 13 Mar 2007
They got a lot of different sorts of weed and hash. Unfortunately it's expensive because they are the only shop in Roermond. Also the atmosphere is a little bit hectic. But the staff is very friendly.
Positive Review Sebastian from Germany sent 13 Nov 2005
A very nice coffeeshop, fast staff, nice ambience, a lot of fun and last but not least good weed for fair price!
Neutral Review Darren from UK sent 10 Aug 2005
This coffee shop has very fluent speaking staff in English which helped me greatly, the atmosphere is modern art deco and the weed was as good as can be expected. The one thing that I didn't like from this shop were the lingering stares received from the locals enjoying a smoke. There is no need for these looks we are all in the same boat wanting to enjoy a healthy spliff and a hot chocolate so grow up!
Positive Review Tony from UK sent 17 Feb 2005
This is a really nice shop with a great variety of grass and hash at reasonable prices. The staff are cheerful and friendly and so are the locals in the shop. Cannot wait to visit again.
Positive Review Diane from UK (living Germany) sent 30 Dec 2004
Skunk was the first coffee shop I ever went in and have been going weekly for 2 years. I found the staff very friendly and happy to answer all my stupid questions. The quality of the weed varies and is reflected in the price. However I have also found the staff to be very helpful and truthful when asked in pointing out which weed is the strongest. And of course the staff all speak excellent English. The staff's knowledge of the hash could be improved, but for me top marks for Skunk.
Negative Review Marco from Netherlands sent 7 Sep 2004
This shop sucks :). There are a lot more shops I can advice people coming to the Netherlands but not Skunk. The problem is that there are only 2 shops in Roermond and they both use their monopoly position. Both shops ask high prices for a bad quality. They both depend on Germans to buy the weed.
Positive Review Korrupt from Germany sent 7 Aug 2004
Small, but nice shop. When we visited Skunk, some Dutch people were watching football, so we directly left. (Football EM and Dutch-fans sucks) They also had some Macs for surfing or something like that. We did not ask if you have to pay extra.
Positive Review Satisfied Visitor from Germany sent 15 Nov 2003
Sorry Claude but you are not right! On the one hand Skunk is a bit stressy, that's true (in because of the fact, that it is also an internet-coffee, and that is not the best or lets say not the relaxed place). But on the other hand it's a very interesting shop (20 different weeds, and 17 different kinds of hash). And by the way they've got pretty friendly prices. A 15 € package of Libanon Red includes 5 gramm o hash.
Negative Review Claude from Germany sent 25 Oct 2003
I have been to Skunk in Roermond for the past four years. I found that the quality has been much better two/three years ago. The staff has been friendlier too: I tried to buy 4 packages at € 25 each. They told me sorry, the limit is exceeded. The packages were 2x 2,76 grams plus 2x 2,5 grams. They were right, but why don't they offer 4x2,5 grams, or something else within the limit? They never write the weight on their price lists. I will not go back to that place
Positive Review mcflag from Netherlands sent 11 Jul 2003
Skunk is a very fine coffeeshop. Really. A favourite touristic place and a lot of local people.