Dizzy Duck Downtown

coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of Dizzy Duck Downtown Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Audacissimus from Portugal visited Oct/Nov 2022; sent 15 Nov 2022
This coffeeshop is the closest to the train station (Den Haag Centraal), less than a 10 minutes by foot. It has less menu options than its "uptown" shop and has a smoking room upstairs. Service is good as budtenders are nice and helpful. Smoking room very busy all the time with a young and local vibe. The cheapest coffee/drinks in all Den Haag's coffeeshops :-) Pancake Runtz was a real winner.
Positive Review Jesscass visited Spring 2022; sent 8 Aug 2022
As obvious they took over an as far as I can recall from previous visits average shop which was Sky High. While Dizzy Duck itself nowadays may not be the place to be in town qualitywise it is easily still one of the best shops around and even in general. Though I still don't like chains but have to be fair by saying again that they put up a better place here this April. Since then we paid them several visits. Shop is on two levels while the ground floor is where one is scoring at one of the three counters which carry the same menu as their other shop by the way. Consumption area then - guess what - is upstairs and holds about twenty-five seats though is sparse. Looks like they're still working on interior and stuff though. So in conclusion a much better place than before but leaves room for improvement. Though I'm a bit harsh probably as I have fond memories of the special times as well as great atmosphere we had at their original shop before [=the definition of 'gezellig' in my book] and at the peak of their well deserved success before they got overrun by customers in later years. Really grateful because of that and as the saying goes 'that's life' and what's gone is indeed gone, isn't it? Still an opportunity to create something new so good luck with that of course at this new shop! Time will tell. Apart from that they turned their original shop to a buy & fly place which probably had to do with Covid19 but more importantly due to the neighborhood there complaining about so called overlast. So this new shop here is a result of that to some degree I'd claim as they were desperately looking for a new home for their shop but moving a coffeeshop is not easy as people familiar with this ambivalent topic know. So they still look for a new building for their mother ship it seems. Did I ever mention I totally rate Dutch tolerance policy on this drug as it is still the perfect approach? Whatever, all the best with that hunt, too!
Positive Review Max23 from UK sent 5 Oct 2019
Went here again recently. I had a nice black kofie, no smoke as it was a army afternoon. My Daughter bought a Lemon Haze joint. She said it was great, really got her high, lasted several hours. I like this place, it’s quite cool. Will visit again next time I’m in Holland.
Positive Review Max23 from UK sent 2 May 2019
A good selection of weed and hash, rolled joints too. Smoking room is upstairs. There are tables and seats for around 30. Nice music and a TV. Super friendly bud tender, we had a nice chat and she was helpful to her customers. Smoked some Thai pre rolled. Done the job for me. Wrote this while in the shop.
Negative Review Anon. sent 10 Sep 2012
My wife and I stayed in Haag for 2 nights. On the first night after a great Coldplay concert (a must see), we went to Sky High and bought "White Widow". The weed was fine but the budtender was very unpleasant, basically tried to kick us out so we won't bother her with her boyfriend. Then a day after we went there to smoke the weed we bought from them and to have a hot drink. Again the budtender (a different lady) wasn't welcoming at all, I climbed to the 2nd floor (cause we smoke with tobacco) with 2 luggage (few hours before our flight back home) and my wife ordered only 1 coffee, so they didn't let us stay there because they said I also have to buy a drink! WTF!? After we bought 1gr from them a day before and after we bought 1 drink instead of 2. Do yourself a favor, skip this one, and go to "Demo", nice coffee shop close by.
Positive Review Wiet Jack from France sent 5 Dec 2010
It's near Centraal Station. They sell pre weight bag of 7 and 14 euro. I bought some Thai and Bubble White Widow. I was not disappointed but it was not one of the best coffees in The Hague. Weed: 6/10 coffeeshop: 6/10.
Positive Review Skankin from France sent 1 Apr 2008
We had much difficulty to find a coffee shop in The Hague, and I'm glad we found this one. Dealers were very helpful and friendly (two pretty girls - one of them shared a joint with us). We tasted like 5 or 6 different weeds. They were not the best but good quality. They comes in 5€ bags -around a gram- so it is not really expensive.
Positive Review Brad from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
Dealer was very friendly and helpful. The White Widow and the Snow White were excellent both at 7 euros a gram.
Positive Review Scott from France sent 23 Sep 2005
First of all, the shop is situated in bumblefuck nowhere. There is nothing around except houses, hence there is practically no one around. Then the bar tender (was a girl when I went in) is all but nice, doesn't even look at you, takes your order and serves you as if it was such a pain and then the weed is totally overpriced. Bought some NLX (1 gram) for 8 euros, and some Snow White (1 gram) for 8 euros also :-| Anyway, apart from this, the coffeeshop is quite nice, old style, all in wood (a bit like "The Act" in Rotterdam) - could be a nice place but I don't think I'll ever go back there to be honest.
Neutral Review BAC from Netherlands sent 11 Jul 2005
Hash: (All come in 5.75 baggies) Super Polm, Polm, Polm Gold, Ketama.
Positive Review Andy from England sent 21 Dec 2004
As this was my first visit to Holland since I was a child I knew that I had to at least try something while I was there, and found this place not far from Den Haag station. It was easy to get to (about 5 minute walk) and I thought that the staff there were pretty friendly. They were helpful enough when it came to choosing something, as I had never bought 'legally' before, and the other customers were pretty friendly too. I bought Orange Bud, and was more than happy with it. I smoked at about 17.30 Holland time, and the next morning I was still feeling a little high! I think that the location is great, and that makes a huge difference to me. I move to Den Haag in January 2005, and will be visiting this place again. Unless there is somewhere closer to where I am living that is!
Negative Review BAC from Netherlands sent 13 Sep 2004
Sky High both I and II are places with poor quality weed, usually not fresh and are getting quite expensive. The only advantage about these coffeeshops is that they are close to Central Station and so easy to get to. The staff changes all the time and so sometimes you get nice people and sometimes the people are rude and not welcoming. This is the kind of shop where you want to get your weed and get the hell out of there, because of the unwelcoming atmosphere. Not recommended, only go to this place if you really have to.