Sky High

coffeeshop in Zwolle
Reviews of Sky High Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Jesscass sent 4 Oct 2017
When you enter you're almost at the bar then where you buy beverages and gear. Shop is separated into that bar area where you hilariously are not allowed to roll up but to consume. There is another room behind a glass wall, about 40+ seats. Kicker table, too. Bit dark. Weed was: Northern Lights (8€), Santa Maria (8), Shiva (10), Juicy Fruit (11€), Silver Haze (10€), Jesus OG (11€), Sneuwietje (10€), Amnesia Haze (11€). Also five hashes available, four of them of Moroccan descent but only remember Super Haze (blonde, foreign genetics, 9€) and Super Pollen (12€) which both looked nice enough. All pre-packed. Even though not into religion myself still respect other creeds of course so as a sort of compromise went for that Jesus OG but doubt it really was grown from TGA Subcool Seeds as too generic but it had an ok enough kush smell and taste I was after so got it. All in all nice enough place but nothing special. Woman behind the counter was friendly and welcoming and locals that visit not giving me shit in any way and I always check for crap like that but in the end don't care anyway as am not there to make friends (wouldn't mind though), it's about gear. Just saying as especially previous posters here, Mickey & NoWhereMan, seemed to have not so good experiences. In the end my point of view is only a snapshot in time so no offence intended.
Negative Review NoWhereMan from USA sent 12 Jun 2014
I gave this place a try on three different occasions. They always give me "the eye" when you go in, and will probably stay like that unless you hang out always. My friend, who is a local, also doesn't like the place. This place just gave me a strange vibe and will probably never go there again. On the other hand, the kebob place beside it is killer!
Positive Review Mickey from Netherlands sent 12 Dec 2012
A nice place to hang out but take care if you're a girl. Don't go alone there because some people might bother you. But that's because of some people who come along there. I live in the very neighbourhood and I'm not connected to the shop in any way at all. It's a nice place to fast buy your needs and go away. You can also sit down there but you'd better do that if they have become to know you by passing by a couple of times. You can play pool there as well as other games like cards and Dutch backgammon. Quality of the weed is not bad at all, but not the best in Zwolle. That's another coffeeshop but you have to pay for that as well and you get less to smoke for more money. The people who work there are nice but you have to know them. They will always ask for identification if they're not sure if you are 18+. But that's everywhere in decent coffeeshops in Holland. You don't need a weedpass to buy the weed. Foreigners can just buy weed there without problems. It's only 5 minutes walking from the main trainstation. About the coffee to drink: It's not bad but not the best in town. All with all I'd give it a 7,5 out of 10.
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
Definitely the best coffeeshop in Zwolle, and probably one of the best we found on our trip around NL. Very friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Try the Orange Bud!
Positive Review TheDutchStoner from Netherlands sent 2 Mar 2009
I think Sky High is the best coffeeshop in Zwolle. The people are nice and the weed is good. High quality, for a reasonable price. If you go in there, just be nice to the people behind the counter and say what you want. There's one thing I don't like, the ID check everytime you come in. So if you go to the shop, make sure to bring your ID. When you're sitting in the shop it's best to go to the back, it's more relaxed there and also: you can play pool! Very nice, the weed I think you should buy is Santa Maria, because it's an instant stoned weed. The first few puffs you will feel high, but when you smoke a whole joint you're stoned as hell.
Positive Review TheShaman from Netherlands sent 6 Jan 2009
This is a wonderful shop where wonderful things can happen, it is surrounded by positive energy and that always makes for a very good vibe in a cannabis smoking area. Keep in mind that you need to be able to tap into this wonderful energy, if you can't tap into it that means you've never smoked marijuana properly.
Positive Review Buurman from Netherlands sent 5 Dec 2008
I think some people who reacted are not regular costumers and that's why they think it's not a nice place. Well it is a nice place, especially since they rebuild in 2006 (I thought it was 2006 could be 2005), when you come there for the first time they look at you like you're from outer space or something, but when you go to a club for the first time they look funny at you to. So get over that problem. Second don't come alone (only if you come to get your stuff and disappear as soon as possible), it's much more fun when you go and sit at the table in the front or at the wooden chairs at the back. You can play pool, table football, chess, checkers and lots of more. When you come more often they will recognize you, and soon you'll be remembered and spoken to when you come in. It's like adding yourself to a new family, just take the time to adjust. Than last but not least, the weed is very good, always high quality, and one of the cheaper coffeeshops in Zwolle. I recommend the Double Dragon weed, and the Super Polm hasj. And like Eelco said smile to the fourty-four year old lady. Don't ignore the fat guy, he just doesn't like new people and has a strange kind of humor. When you are connected to the Skyhigh and the people you will see soon enough that this is really the best coffeeshop Zwolle and the rest of the region has to offer.
Positive Review DaJackal from Netherlands sent 28 Jan 2008
It's the shop around here that goes open the first and closes last. This counts basically for whole of the region. You need some green, this is the place to get it when everything else is closed. Quality is good, amounts. Well I know to find better places. It's one of the more expensive shops around. You will not find any lesser quality here. Sky High has rather a techno feel to it, if you looking to chill it could be too crowded and too loud music. Sky High remains the only one with an authentic pool table. Selection is extensive.
Negative Review Leen from Netherlands sent 26 Mar 2005
Got good weed but if you're not a regular or don't fit in in another way it's not a nice place to be.
Neutral Review Eelco from Netherlands sent 26 Nov 2004
Lot's of regulars, not a great atmosphere. Menu is reasonable. Service differs per person: ignore the fat guy, smile to the forty-something lady. My favourite: Double-Dragon: quality and quantity!