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Sky High

coffeeshop Rotterdam
Reviews of Sky High Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Paolo from Italy sent 8 Oct 2019
They gave me shitty weed for 15 euros. Take care to never go here and never buy Buddha Cheese.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Nice staff and appears to be the closest to Rotterdam Central but no seating.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK sent 18 Jul 2012
I visited this coffeeshop on Friday 13 July 2012 in the morning about 10:30am. I asked if smoking upstairs or in the back was allowed, and was told no. I think that is because the sitting area was closed in the mornings (not sure). Because the sitting area was closed when I was there, I asked the dealer if there was a place nearby with seating. He recommended Nemo. He was helpful even though I did not buy. The menu appeared to be quite good and whilst I was waiting to speak to him, 3 customers came in. And as I was leaving another came in. So appears to be a busy place.
Positive Review Marc from UK (living Rot) sent 9 Jun 2011
For a long time my favourite coffee shop, plenty of space, pool table, live footie on the big screen and very helpful staff. It's just down the road from Rotown as well. ID to smoke inside not to buy. Standard 4 weed/4 hash menu, 2 of the weeds change quite regularly, all weighed out in front of you. Bubblegum and Cheese Haze are both consistently good at 8 &10 € /gram, once the guys know your face prices become a bit more negotiable (5g Cheese Haze for 40 € ). 8/10
Positive Review Josh from UK sent 1 Feb 2010
Really nice place, good weed, good music, visited for the last joint of my visit to Rotterdam found it so much more relaxed and friendly compared with some of the others, will definitely be going back sometime. Staff were really friendly, genuinely a really nice place just to chill out and relax in.
Positive Review Roxanna from USA sent 6 Oct 2009
Amsterdam is great for visiting but I am so glad I don't live there. I have been there many, many times and each time I come home to Rotterdam and go back to my quiet coffeeshop without the circus, the circus freaks and exorbitant prices. I breathe a huge sigh of relief! I am from the USA but have lived in Rotterdam for a year now. As a regular smoker, I have been to many shops in Rotterdam and sampled many sacks. I found a lot of schwag. I stopped looking around after I found Sky High. The smoke from Sky High is the finest in the city as far as I am concerned. Yeah the BubbleGum (7 euros per gram) is top notch but really, break open your wallet (10 euros per gram) for the Amnesia. You will appreciate it. The guys behind the counter are all super friendly and they all speak English well. (Good looking too!) :) It is my favorite coffeeshop.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
The coffee shop scene in Rotterdam is totally different than Amsterdam. Less choices, less personal service and cheaper prices. Overall not too bad, but no comparison to the 'Dam. Picked up 2g of Bubblegum. Great flavor, but with most of the bud I smoked in Rotterdam - a little dry & old.
Negative Review Brigid from Iceland sent 3 May 2008
I just got back from there; I asked for 3 grams of White Widow (which was 20 EU) and a joint (3 EU), I paid the money, thanked and left (I was in hurry). I didn't have the idea of checking the package; I always trust the weed dealers and I never had reasons to complain. Well, this time I wish I would have been more careful because there is no way for this bag to contain 3 grams of weed! 2 grams maybe (or even less), but not at all the amount that I paid for. I know I look young and innocent but there is a long way from this to being stupid. Of course it is also my fault that I didn't pay more attention, but this is not an excuse for an unfair trade. Now I am sure that the guy who sold me this was perfectly aware of what he was doing because he gave a very strange look I didn't know how to interpret at that time. Now I know, but it's too late.
Positive Review Rev. Jinx from USA visited 25 Nov 06; sent 28 Apr 2007
I found this shop on my way to get a doner kebab. I stopped in and saw some impressive nuggets on display, so I purchased some of their Bubblegum and their Super Polm. The Super Polm was as good as everywhere else, but the Bubblegum was the best I have ever encountered (sorry humboldt!). I will definitely go back when I return.
Positive Review Andy After Party from USA sent 9 Jan 2007
The shop is relaxed and small, but the three floors make for plenty of space. The White Widow is a must try and it is reasonable priced. I smoked a joint and chatted with the guy behind the bar. A great coffeehouse.
Positive Review Tommohawk from UK sent 18 May 2006
Clean, relaxed, relatively spacious coffeeshop. It has 4 split levels. Pinball, pool table, reasonable weed and good drinks selection (especially the fruit juice's (gotta love those Looza's!)). I bought some Dynamite (weed) which was pretty bog standard strength and quality to be honest, and some Bubble Gum which was a little more satisfying. As I was leaving yesterday I noticed they also have an impressive looking array of hash and polen. So I'll be back for that tonight. There's lots of space to hide yourself away by the pool table or you can sit more communally by the bar. The top floor is almost a balcony which looks out over the ground floor. This is ideal if there is something good on the big screen downstairs. Overall we felt quite comfortable here. Definitely worth a visit if coming from the station. It's about a 5/10min walk.
Positive Review Lancelot from Belgium sent 6 May 2006
Here you can find some real good Dynamite and White Widow. Lots of locals visit this shop to buy, and often have to queue, but most of them leave as soon as they bought what they wanted. The guy behind the counter during weekdays (Mr. Midnight) is real cool and helpful. Not that big, but still three floors and a pooltable. Good music too.
Positive Review Floyd from Rotterdam sent 18 Apr 2006
The shop features a digital music system, big flat screen TV, pool table and some gamble machine. The interior is a bit impersonal and cold so it might not be the best place to hang out, on the other hand, the products are superb. On the weed side I recommend Bubble Gum (not for inexperienced users) and on the hash side Spoetnik (which I smoke exclusively now a days). The products are priced from 5 to 20 euros and are weighed and bagged on the spot. In my opinion this is the best weed and hash the city has to offer though you might want to use it in a ''gezelligere'' setting.
Positive Review Sebastian from Germany sent 4 Aug 2003
In my opinion the weed & hash were not as good as some other shops like "De Poel" & "The Act" but it is nice too ;) The shop is quite big (two and a half stages) and you can play pool or listen to the smooth reggae beats...
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
The only thing I can remember about this place is that the dealer barely spoke any English but they had good weed. I bought both the "White Widow" and "K2" with no complaints. They are within a brisk five-minute walk of Central Station.