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smartshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 21 Jun 2006
We bought a box of "Philosophers Stones" AKA Truffles here. Me and my girl split a box and tripped hard! The label said they were the weakest, then Mexican mushrooms, then Columbian mushrooms, and the strongest was Hawaiian. Even tho they were supposedly the weakest I saw some crazy stuff and felt like I was on this unearthly planet. As it was the first time I ever "tripped" it was quite insane, I'm not sure if I will ever do anything like that again or not. Crazy shit but quality deal, all of them were 18 euros for 18 grams. Average city price but the place looks sweet from the inside with lights on the ceiling that flicker like stars. If you are a newbie it takes about 30 mins to start feeling it but trust me stay in ur hotel, in 1 hour from eating them it hits hard! Not to be played with!