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coffeeshop in Maastricht
Reviews of Smoky Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Belgium sent 2 May 2017
Nice small shop with normal prices for Maastricht. I got some very nice bud, high quality. But I also got a pre rolled, the tip was way too big and got a mouth full of scooby snacks. This made the jay fall apart from the tip.
Positive Review Jahmal sent 4 Jun 2011
A very nice boatshop:) Very nice place downstairs. Friendly door man and other stuff. Funny music.
Positive Review Paul from Ukraine sent 4 Jun 2011
It's my second coffeeshop which I visited and can't say anything about prices or opening hours, but the staff is friendly. This shop is located inside of some yacht. We went down the stairs, it is very comfortable place. Anyone can leave a feedback on the wall inside a shop. Amnasia Haze for 13 eur was nice.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
ID show. They shop is definitely overrunned and overpriced!
Positive Review Durv from Netherlands sent 30 Jul 2008
The weed is good and it's a nice place to sit and smoke ur joint. The prices, weed: Superskunk 7,5 euro, Orange Bud 8 euro, Santa Maria 8,5 euro, White Widow 9,00 euro, Delicious 9,5 euro, Amnasia Haze 13 euro, Jack Herrer 14 euro. The hasjes: Dubbel Zero 4,5 euro, Polm 8 euro, Hija 10 euro, Maroc Ice 27 euro, Super Afgaan 6 euro. The prerolled: joint 3 euro, special joint 3 euro, White Widow joint 3,5 euro, haze joint 4,5 euro. I took a picture when she was making my bags hehe.
Positive Review Johnson from Belgium sent 5 Mar 2008
People aren't really talkative there but if ye need help, they'll help ya out. They explained which weed was best for me and it was one of the cheapest they had so they won't rip you off there. Quality of the weed is average to good, depends which type you get. White Widow, Sancta Maria and Superskunk are good quality. Orange Bud is tasty but not as strong as in other shops and is often dry, prolly because nobody buys it. It is an expensive shop though but the atmosphere and the quality of the weed, White Widow in particular, got me hooked :d
Positive Review Pino from Belgium sent 2 Oct 2007
If you are a weed-enthusiast this is the place to go! You will rarely find good weed at less than 8eur in other coffeeshops (this town is really expensive!), here you have a nice selection of good weeds at 7eur! But being a hash-smoker myself, I still prefer to go "shopping" somewhere else. Anyway, it's much better than the other boat-coffeeshop.
Positive Review Jackal from Austria sent 10 Aug 2007
I've been there about 3 times. My friends and I are bongsmokers, so we really enjoyed the nice offer of getting borrowed a clean bong (nice size, looks pretty new, fresh water). Also a big plus: you get a fresh clean wood-plate and a good knife for cutting the weed or hash. I'm advanced user and grower since many years and I really enjoyed the weed. Nice dry buds and an electric pushing high which could be too much for some people. My friend smoked 2 bongs and got so fucking high he thought his lips were ripped in the middle. It was just fucking freaky. Also: free papers and filters as much as you can use ;-) Only the seats are bit uncomfortable. So for real chilling it's not the best choice.
Neutral Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
Found this place alot smaller than Mississippi. There were bongs by the dealer's booth. Don't remember what I bought here, just bought and left. They sell joints too.
Positive Review Kenneth from Belgium sent 21 Mar 2007
Me and my friend visited the Smoky boat after we had visited the Mississippi. When entering, I already noticed that the guy who checks your passports was a lot friendlier than the one in the Mississippi. I was already a bit stoned and dropped my card, while he said "No problem, it can happen". We went down the stairs and into the shop. There were some French people and a few locals. I looked at the menu and ordered two grams of Double Zero hash (3.5E/gr). We sat down and rolled a joint to give it a try. It was good, but not extremely good. What I can say is that Smoky is a much better shop, certainly when it comes down to being customer-friendly. I ran out of long leaves and filter tips, and the shopkeeper gave me a pack of tips for free, and 3 long leaves. Overall, the Smokey kicks Mississippi's ass. When you need to choose between the two boats, pick the Smokey ( ;-) the 'right' one).
Positive Review STH from USA sent 3 Feb 2007
This is one of the 2 coffee shops that is actually inside a boat that is docked on the water. You go inside, and go below deck downstairs where there's some table to sit at. Some of them have weed newspapers all about growing different types of weed, lots of pics with titties and weed, and even a comic where the hero is Weedman. The music there is relaxing, and the atmosphere is relatively tranquil. It would be nice if they had a couple of windows on the boat, but overall it was a good experience. Smoking on the boat is also fun because sometimes the boat will rock a little bit and you realize that you're on the water. Rating: 7/10
Neutral Review Reinhard from Germany sent 28 Dec 2006
Normally we want to drive to the Mississippi, but it was closed and so we've gone to the Smokey. It was really full and you have to wait a long time until you can buy the weed. We bought 2 grams of White Widdow for 8.50€ each gram and 2 Silver Haze joints and one White Widdow joint. Every place to sit was already occupied. The ready-made joints from the boat weren't so good as expected, but the White Widdow weed was beautiful and very good. Probably the next time we will go into a little coffeeshop, not into such a big tourist place.
Positive Review SteviO from Belgium sent 20 Nov 2006
Well, always wanted to visit this "coffeeboat" and now I did. It was nice & cozy, Prices are midclass. We bought some of the "orange bud'' @ 7 euro's a gram (9/10), this was nice & sweet. Dealer is a Dutchman, speaks perfectly French & English. For me, travelling from shop to shop I rather prefer Roosendaal over Maastricht, but if you ever visit Maastricht, Smokey is your place to go! Watch out, Strong regulation over Maastricht is 5 grams per person max!
Positive Review Julia from Germany sent 12 Apr 2006
Our favorite coffeeshop, although it's a little more expensive than Mississippi (6-12 €), and you get only drinks from a slot-mashine. It closes at 1:30 am. Music is rather mixed, downstairs mainly rock, upstairs a little softer
Positive Review Manuel from Germany sent 11 Feb 2005
I have been visiting this place hundreds of times since I started smoking about 12 years ago. Inside it looks more than a real ship in contrast to the Mississippi that reminds me of a techno-disko in Belgium. The prices are average (weed 5-20, hash 2,5-20) and the staff is friendly. Unfortunately, they do not display the different sorts of weed and hash like some very user-friendly coffeeshops do. The quality of their K2 and White Widow is astonishing - a strong buy! At Smokeys they play reggae music and offer a variety of snacks and soft drinks. They also offer joints for 5,- each.
Positive Review Edo from Belgium sent 17 Jan 2004
Just a word: cool. Good choice (from Super Skunk to Jack Herrer, there's a good Orange Bud and Shiva and a new "Delicious"; for hash check out Spoetnik or Kashmir) and relaxing ambience. The music is usually classic rock (sometimes nu metal or hip hop) but at a supportable level. Wood tables and chairs, there's no bar, just automatic machines for soft drinks, cold drinks and sweet snacks. There are two rooms, one upstairs and another downstairs, both with dealing point. I used to go there 'cause I live near Maastricht, and after sometimes you go, the owner starts giving some "fidelity gifts" such as rolled joints, rolling papers. That's good, no!?