Smoking Bull

bar in Amsterdam
Reviews of Smoking Bull Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
Nice shop, friendly girl behind dealers counter. Bought some Ice-o-Later for 12euro/g and some ???-Haze. The hash was nearly white-grey in colour and tasted good, high was ok too, good choice! I don't remember the name of the haze, but it was really tasty and really good. The Haze was about 10 or 11 euro/g, (too) expensive but good.
Positive Review Burners from UK visited 4th April; sent 8 Apr 2007
Massive place who have sadly given up their weed licence but continue to be a smoker friendly bar. This place was very deceiving from the outside but once you were in it stretched back a fair way to reveal another sitting/chill out area then on further again to pool table and toilets. Bartender was a cool guy who even blazed a few with us while we were watchin some footy on the plasma screen at the bar, he also recommended The Coin c/s as the place nearby to get some good quality weed at reasonable prices. Rating 6/10 (would have been higher if they still sold weed).
Positive Review Kenny from UK sent 6 Sep 2006
This stop is a must, the place is very long with pool tables at the back, the ambience is good, though a little dark, bought some E12 ice-o-lator which was very visual, a good high for E12, the staff were nice too, sorted out the Volcano for us whenever we wanted it, 2 sexy girls who always seem to please you. Definitely worth a stop!
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 15 Aug 2006
The price of weed was astronomical (NYC Diesel, 1.4G/E15), but our first experience with the Volcano Vaporizer and an extremely helpful staff tempered the sticker shock and made everything all right.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
As mentioned already in the reviews, tends to have more of an older crowd gathering here - I felt very young at 23. But saying that it was a welcoming shop with dark lighting, the dealer was also very friendly and having relatively cheap prices to go with their better than average smokables. The Ice-o-Later is a bargain at just over €10 per gram.
Neutral Review Megan from Australia sent 29 Mar 2005
You can drink (alcohol) and smoke here. Older crowd, busy area, lots of tourists outside and inside. Groups of young men getting whacked. I wouldn't return - but that's a personal choice, other people looked like they enjoyed it. Pool table out the back.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 6 Aug 2004
Still a decent place, more of a bar than a coffee shop but still sells some good stuff at decent prices. Tends to get trade for older folks against younger 18- 25 year olds.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK sent 10 Mar 2004
Always visit this place every time I come to Amsterdam, friendly cheery bar that sells some class weed. Staff are a good bunch, offering advice on different smokes, prices are fine. Try the Red Hair if you go, blew my socks off and left my missus a non-coherent mess in the corner. Not a great deal on the munchie front but do a great hot chocolate!