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Samidjay from England. Sent 21 Dec 2009.
Hated this place. Shame, because it looks wicked and would be a cool place to chill if not for the rude staff. We stood at the bar and after about 5 minutes the woman took our order of 3 coffees. There was no one else in there until 2 men came in and she took their order. She started talking to them in Dutch for ages and served them both before us. We knew we didn't want to stay long so bought a pre-rolled, which was crap, smoked it and left.
Jonny Boy from England. Sent 4 Aug 2009.
Easy going and helpful service. good coffee! Stunning potent tasty Cheese bud €10 here and Sahara brown hash €7 was decent too.
Heather from USA. Sent 15 Mar 2007.
It was right near the hotel and I loved their "sticker card" campaign. Every time you purchase a bag you get a sticker. When you filled your card you got a free bag. That was great!
Paul from USA. Sent 6 Mar 2007.
Reasonably comfortable.
Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
This was an unplanned stop but I liked the place. Seating was very comfortable. Mrs. C.J., a cappuccino geek, only gave her drink 7/10, but more important, the White Smurf (2G/E12) came in the form of two meaty buds which made for quite an alluring smoke.
Tyler H from USA. Sent 21 Jun 2006.
White Smurf was rather good! Nice looking sweet smelling light taste with nice high 12/2g. The place itself isn't that great but I stayed to roll a joint cuz the music was okay. They will see me again!
Jim and Sonja from UK. Sent 5 Jun 2006.
We always visit this shop as it's the closest to our hotel, always friendly. They serve the biggest cups of tea in the world all for 2 euro. Menu seemed ok but only smoked their pre-rolled hash. Good high with everyone we had. Always on my list of shops to visit.
TWoz from USA. Visited Mar. 7. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
Lots of room compared to most coffee shops, slow internet. Got 1g of White Smurf, A+.
Jon and Lori from USA. Visited 6-13 Mar. Sent 27 Mar 2005.
Did not like this place at all. The staff was not very friendly, coffee was blah and the internet was slow. It was a big place with lots of seats. That was the only good thing about it. We had White Widow while we wrote e-mails to family and friends at home then left. The White Widow was only average. Unless you really need to use the internet, spend your money on weed somewhere else, not worth the time.
Eric and Chanda from USA. Sent 24 Feb 2005.
They have the best special we found in town for weed. You can pick up 5 grams of any of their bud for 25 Euros. A steal in my book when you're talking about 10-15 Euro per gram most anywhere else. Cool feeling place with Internet connections.
ChillinLeeds from UK. Visited 26th Oct. Sent 2 Nov 2004.
White Widow oh wow mint great shop mint smoke nice seats n staff.
Doody from USA. Sent 23 Jan 2004.
My first visit to "Softland" was back in 2000 when it was actually still called, "Yaahoo." I guess they had to change the name and finally decided on "Softland" some time ago. It was the same decor back then as now; a very captivating spaceship/industrial, artsy, metallic, "Alien" look, with several computer stations to the left, tables, couches and booths on the right, and the weed and coffee bar in the back. located in a wonderful part of town, on Spuistraat (#222) between the "Dam" area and the "Spui" area, it makes for a nice walk getting there. Very nice ambiance, comfortable seating, techno music, the ceiling is painted with stars, looking like space, internet service of course, so you can send or check e-mail etc. The bar serves good coffee drinks as well as teas, energy drinks and juices and the weed menu is great. Back in 2000 I tried the "Yaahoo EX. Special," and it was amazing!!! Perhaps this was an earlier form of "White smurf," anyone know? This time around (Aug. 2003) I had just been at the "Grey area" so I didn't buy anything, but I sampled the "White Smurf" (mind-blowing), used the computers and had a tea, and the staff was very friendly and helpful with my mates. They don't serve bier or alcohol here, but just South of Softland (right out front door) on Raamsteeg, is one of the best bier bars in all of Holland, "Cafe Gollem." Then just to the South of there, there are several other cafes/bars on the Spui square. A visit to "Softland" is well worth your while, try the "White Smurf" and all day you'll smile, 4 stars!
Epsilon from USA. Sent 11 Jan 2004.
Spacious and friendly, has reasonable Internet access and fine product. Space techno motif, very comfortable booths. When in Amsterdam we will always drop in. Located a block or two from Dam Square.
Elmer from USA. Sent 2 Dec 2003.
Comfortable, the rental computers are all a tourist needs, great staff, great juices, coffee and snacks, and just a very hospitable atmosphere. It's located smack in the middle of the urban campus of the University of Amsterdam, so most of the customers aren't exactly tourists, but students. So it's a rare window for meeting the local cannabis, art, music and political culture. In Softland, you can really find out a lot about life in Amsterdam. The music is largely tekno, which takes a little getting used to for a geezer, but I related to it as a rare opportunity to expand my musical education. I'm warming up to tekno. I started with the much-advertised award-winning White Smurf. Ten minutes later, I needed assistance to urinate.
Mark from Canada. Sent 13 Nov 2003.
Very cool place, designed (roughly) to look like the inside of a space ship. Internet-cafe software is ancient--it doesn't let you get to secure web sites, for instance--but seating is comfortable (a rarity in Amsterdam coffeeshops, in my experience). Staff is friendly and weed selection is great. White Smurf (2000 Cannabis Cup winner) is a great, strong high, and Ice is a smooth, nice smoke.
Priscilla from USA. Visited 18 May 03. Sent 24 Oct 2003.
What a cool little place. Good juicebar and great smokes; many selections, ambient atmosphere and smiley folks behind the bar, who take care of the customers. The music (that day anyway) is groooovy too, perfect for enjoying a bit o' the green. I had a random moment here - shared a bit of smoke with a dancing man in a red bandana, and in return, got the dance of my life! Wish I had a camera that day...
Flyski n Skinz from UK. Sent 5 Aug 2003.
I liked this place, spent many an hour sat outside watching the world go by, recommend the Temple Ball, so good it made my mate forget to take his gear (skins, dope the lot), definitely one to visit again.
Jeremy from USA. Sent 15 Jul 2003.
This shop turned out to be one of my favourites and a place I spent quite a bit of time at. Probably because it was so close to the Spui is the reason for this. I don't know why but I really like to find a place close by and get there on foot rather than riding trams around town. Another good reason is due to the fact that it's about halfway between the Spui hotels and the Grey Area.
You enter through a steel industrial-looking doorway with computers to your left and tables along the wall to the right. After the computers you'll find more seating before running into the huge bright bar at the back. With such a bar you would swear they would handle alcohol but they don't. You can get great coffee, LOOZA and other assorted drinks, but that's basically it. If they would just bump up their internet connection to high speed, they would rule the school. Nice smart drug shop across the street specializing in Salvia Divinorum and mushrooms.
Shabi from Israel. Sent 4 Sep 2001.
It's located on D5 - near the meeting of Spuistraat and Palesstraat - on Spuistraat. The entire place is so designed as a spaceship - with so much perfection U can't even imagine. And the weed they sell... is simply knocking.
This is definitely the most inspiring coffee shop I've been in Amsterdam.
Charles. Sent 21 Apr 2001.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You HAVE to put SoftLand on your site. It seems like NO ONE knows about this shop, but it's great. It used to be called YAAHOO, then they were sued by Yahoo so they changed the name to YAAZOO but got sued again, so now it's SoftLand :) It's a great internet coffeeshop with really cool coin-operated machines, 5 guilders gets you an hour. The smoke is top-top notch. White Smurf and Ice are two of my top 5 smokes in Amsterdam right now. It's at Spuisstraat 222. Really cool decor and the girls working there are really cute.