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Space Mountain

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Space Mountain
coffee shop Space Mountain, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Space Mountain Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass. Sent 9 Mar 2015.
Located in a kinda dull residential area and this shop here is pretty basic as well when I called in one afternoon. Around four weed and five hash varieties on offer. Israeli budtender and owner in his fifties was polite enough and recommended their best hashish 'Crystal' something for 10€/g which was a nice enough blonde Moroccan. Guy was pretty emotional understandably when we talked about the upcoming closure of this place (due to distance to schools). There is a small yard in the back of this shop where I smoked outside on a small bench. Shame about the closure but this shop could be so much more I think.
Positive Review Chrisesq from UK. Sent 24 May 2008.
Space Mountain was on our doorstep and so became our base at the beginning and end of our day. This is a very local coffeeshop which is off the beaten track. The menu is limited but he sells top quality weed. At the time he had WW and organic Nederweed on sale along with a small selection of hashes. The best out of the whole lot was his basic Nederwijd. A lovely daytime weed which didn't knock me sideways like the WW. The pre-rolled joints are popular with the locals who come into the shop to buy a couple on the way home. Civilised eh? The place is small and friendly with some stools at the counter and some comfy seating by the window with a big 'skin up' table. The owner is a middle eastern bloke and very chilled out and always got a joint dangling. Every now and then you can hear a bash on the counter as he tamps down his pre-rolleds. The bloke plays streaming internet radio which make a nice mix of music and also brews some lovely tea. Top place.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Visited 15 Dec 07. Sent 7 Mar 2008.
Oasis found! On a particularly cold and blustery day, walking alongside the tram tracks, looking for any place to grab a smoke and coffee so we could warm up, I spotted Space Mountain. Cluttered. Comfortable. A little expensive (White Widow, only weed on menu, was 1.3g/E10, when I had just paid 2.3g/E12.50 for WW at Los Angeles an hour earlier), but it was just the kind of place you might want to turn into a ham-and-egg storefront if, you know, it wasn't already something better than a restaurant. Mrs. C.J. and I both looked at the little joint and saw potential. And its timing couldn't have been better. We rolled the 1.3g into a single joint, got stoned, got warm, and continued the journey!
Positive Review Robbo from Australia. Sent 23 Apr 2007.
Fantastic little coffeeshop. Simple décor with excellent music and friendly staff, and never too busy. Mostly locals who hangout there. Makes great coffee or try the mint tea when you're having a smoke as it really soothes the throat. Best thing about this place though are the pre-rolled hash joints. They are awesome, smooth as with a kick to match. Good selection of grass and hash. All in all best smoke in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Chris, Sook from Canada. Sent 3 Dec 2006.
This was a kick ass location. This shop doesn't have a large selection of buds or hash, but has one high end weed, & hash. The shop keeper was friendly. While my partner and I worked for a couple days on one of our projects while enjoying the shop amenities.