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Speak Easy

coffeeshop in Arnhem
Reviews of Speak Easy Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Mike from Switzerland sent 17 Aug 2020
Very helpful. Small place with two floors - upstairs you can negotiate quantity and price. Most strains were too strong for me - the guys seemed not to be aware of medicinal properties - and get aggressive when challenged. Do not part with your cash till you can verify what they give - or you maybe leave with no cash and no drugs. Enter again if you dare.
Negative Review Profalbern from Germany sent 19 Jan 2011
First impression was good, music they played was chill and not the usual pop/charts shit and it smelled of real good weed being smoked there. After we showed our (German) IDs we ordered 2 g of 'Orange Bud' and 1 g of 'Northern Lights'. The guy behind the counter ran upstairs and came back after a while. We quickly paid and took a seat in the back because we were kind of impatient and felt like we were standing in the way anyway. Looking at the weed the first impression was 'nothing special'. Looking close while rolling it, it seemed to be covered with a very fine fuzz or powder. The taste while smoking it was nowhere near the smell when we entered the shop. I was about to stand up and ask some questions to the guy behind the counter, but after a few hits I was already too stoned to do a proper conversation (hadn't smoked in a week or so), also as a foreigner I didn't wanna spoil the situation by alleging they sell laced weed. Arriving back home I was able to take a closer look and it really looks like the crap I could have gotten on the German streets. When smoking a joint from it, the ashes leave an oily black trail when rubbed on paper (kinda like graphite) which is not normal. It doesn't taste good, it doesn't taste like weed. Smoking it also seems to leave some strange shit on my tongue which gives a funny feeling but is definitely not normal and not good as well. I telephoned them and explained. He said "That's normal, that's Dutch weed, man" and hung up. I am strongly advising anyone against visiting that shop and buying weed there. Can't say anything about the hash, but I wouldn't try it anymore :D
Positive Review Mississippi_Bullfrog from Belgium sent 21 Nov 2010
My best visit in 2010. A 'loudmouth' kinda atmosphere, a feeling of insanity even, but friendly & welcoming. I got coffee for free! I stayed at the bar, and bought myself a couple of grams of their "Black Indian" (hash). It felt, smelled & tasted like dark, multigrain bread, yummy. Great effect - and not at all expensive! My 'best buy' of the season.
Neutral Review Xochipilli from Netherlands sent 12 Sep 2010
Not too bad overall, but don't try the "weed-crumbs", it's mostly leaves and the taste is err, how to put this decently, excrement.
Positive Review DauMan from Austria sent 23 Jul 2010
Small shop in the heart of Arnheim, but fantastic sorts of weed and hash! Try the pre-rolled joints! Friendly staff and mixed people! Nothing for a long stay, more for a quick hit! ;)
Positive Review Robert and Claire from Scotland sent 2 Oct 2006
Simply the best coffeeshop in a city with too many shady imitations. The sheer mass of Dutch and tourist alike and an endless stream of customers speak volumes for the quality of the weed. The service was top drawer. This is a must for any serious toker and it cheap too.
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 10 Oct 2005
This place is small. How small? The dealer has to go to the attic to fetch your gear, there's no room for it behind the bar! It can be hard to get into the place, and then get the dealers attention once you do, but it is worth checking out for the best prices in the old town. Also, it seems like the selection is a bit different from what one sees elsewhere in town. Check it out, just don't expect to find a place to sit when you do.
Positive Review David from Arnhem sent 8 Feb 2004
Great weed, they sell Turbo 2000 (so I know from the last time I was there) and they have some insanely good K2.