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Reviews of Spirit Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Dim from Greece. Sent 10 Aug 2010.
The shop is one of the worst in A'dam, but the weed and hash are of top quality! I checked almost all the menu and I was impressed! And I smoke more than 20 years! I think one of the best all over Netherlands.
Positive Review B&E from USA. Sent 11 Oct 2008.
After reading the reviews, I wasn't sure if we would go here, but it was very close to where we were staying so we went in once. The guy serving was very nice, we got coffee and some herb and went into the back room to roll and smoke. Yes, it looks like a run down youth club, yes, the lighting is low in the front and the sofas in the back are a bit ripped and torn, but it wasn't unfriendly or uncomfortable in my opinion. It reminds me of old bars in Philadelphia and NYC in the USA.
Positive Review Silly from Amsterdam. Sent 24 May 2008.
I've been a frequent visitor to the Spirit for more than 20 years. I really don't understand the guy Dr. Stranger (see below) 'cause Spirit is a local shop for all ages of locals and many tourists as well who mix up all nicely with each other and the friendly crew in a relaxed but talkative, social living, laid-back, good atmosphere. Of course locals know best where to buy cheaper and better quality compared to the tourist shops, I'll be very satisfied with a cheap Zero Zero Maroc for 4.50 per gram as with the superstrongest kinds available there, since early days (eighties) they are THE shop with the strongest and tastiest hashkinds available in whole Amsterdam. For my friends Pim Sluiter-who made the beautiful paintings and artworks inside the Spirit, John Rolling Thunder, Aron Cox and me, I recommended half a gram Nepal Creme, half a gram Charras and half a gram Supercaramello for about 22 euro, John had bought 10 euro Temple Ball somewhere else. Man we were soo stoned from a few pipes of all these kinds and smoked this and a couple of weedjoints from Spirit, plus some budleaves during the Queensdays and nites fests and when they left after the 2 days party, smoking from it all the time, half of the hash was there still left for me. And believe me, we partied hard by this. The bartender is a very friendly guy, and is very busy with many more things than coffee and hash, works in a long often, crowded, and big place and refill drinks and be bodyguard as well and manager and administrations, put on music and DVDs on screen, makes good jokes as well. And he is kind. He lately gave me 100 CDs and videogames as a gift, and so the owner offered me a beautiful mountainbike for free, these people know the hood for more than 20 years, and each other, and it doesn't need the tourists at all, though we like them and they are just all very welcome, and they like Spirit.
Negative Review Dr. Stranger. Sent 4 May 2008.
I recently moved to Jordaan and pass this place all the time. I've read these reviews that speak highly of it so I thought I'd check it out. Bad idea. The place that looks like a youth club on the inside which isn't bad but the guy serving was rude and unhelpful and an obvious xenophobe. Worst of all the hash is awful and overpriced. I had to ask if the guy if he was the dealer, got a rude reply, asked 4 the menu, guy was pissed off that I wanted to see a small selection of the hash on offer, was unhelpful when asked about the hash and told disapprovingly that he doesn't smoke hash or weed only tobacco. Then angrily told me I was holding up the queue (was empty when I arrived and a few people arrived together). I was hurried into choosing the Nep Creme. He didn't weigh the hash infront of me. 1g looked really small and was overpriced at 13.5 euro. He shouted at me to humiliate me after I'd paid saying I was slow choosing so I left telling him his attitude stinks. Got home rolled a packed joint with the hash. I may as well have been smoking plastic. Absolute rubbish. My worst ever experience in 15 years of visiting coffee shops in Amsterdam. I'm a heavy user so their loss. No Spirit just bad vibes and terrible hash.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2008.
When I first walked into Spirit it reminded me of an amusement arcade, two large sit on and drive racing games to the right and a sports game of some kind to the left, after this the bar is down a few steps on the right and opposite is a small alcove with a couple of tables and chairs, past this is a table with bench seats that's opposite another alcove which houses an air hockey table. Beyond all that is another large room with two pool tables and a football table, there were quite a few locals in this part of the shop, a young crowd, but well behaved. Purchased a gram of Pollum on recommendation of the budtender, nice taste, nice high and actually better than some Super Pollum I'd got from the Abraxas, and there weren't a lot wrong with that, music playing was accompanied by a video screen, I think it was playing MTV or similar, pretty up to date tunes though. Don't be put off by how far away this place looks on the map, it's about a ten to fifteen min walk from Ann Frank House and I'd recommend it to anyone, especially the younger generation.
Positive Review Neil from UK. Visited Sep 05. Sent 16 May 2007.
Off the beaten track, and usually quiet. Great place for a smoke on a rainy day thanks to the music, air hockey and pool tables. Decent selection on the menu for a reasonable price. Laid back, friendly.
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 16 Aug 2003.
I liked this place alot. A few years ago I spent a couple of months working in Amsterdam, during this time The Spirit became my favourite coffeeshop. Its slightly out of the way which means its always pretty quiet and relaxed. The facilities are great, they've got a spacious lounge with a couple of pool tables and air hockey. The sound system is quality and the decor well thought out. Not the usual gimmicky tourist bullshit, this is a superb place to relax in. The staff are very friendly and helpful, unlike many of the places in the red-light district. I'd recommend The Spirit to anyone.