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The Squad

coffeeshop Zaandam
Reviews of The Squad Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Another one with a funny location after having seen hundreds myself which means more or less in opposite of a church. Not as impressive in a bad way as at De Tuin in Almelo the other day but way less drabby than in Almelo where basically there was only this church and that coffeeshop while in Zaandam there are other businesses around that area. What ever, this coffeeshop here is strictly for buying only and one gets buzzed inside. Their menu had ten strains of wiet and five of hash on. Remember having a look at their embarrassingly named Blueberry Bastard for 16€/g which looked as good as the usual standard of today of so called coffeeshop high grade but skipped it. Budtendress then sold me their best hashish which was Moroccan Casablanca (11€/g). Nice enough classic quality and very sweet taste. Only pre-packed stuff here starting at 10€ per bag; also they had so called imported wiet from the USA on, about ten strains for 11,25/0,5g respectively 25€/g. Nice enough place.
Positive Review Paul from Wormerveer sent 31 Dec 2018
For a long time the best coffeeshop in town. Very large menu, recently added US imports and more than a couple of exceptional gems. The staff are by and large superb, super friendly, very knowledgeable and extremely patient. The owner/manager is an awesome guy, very smart and really listens to a conversation. he's a pleasure to talk to. Operated as a take away, this place is still definitely worth a visit.
Positive Review Mark from UK sent 9 Dec 2008
A pick up and go coffee shop due to structural work being done next door, much to our disappointment. We visited Squad on the weekend 28/11/08 and the owner wasn't too happy about the situation but I would also like to say that we got some lovely New York Diesel Buddha from there and some lovely Super Polm, just a shame we couldn't sit in there and smoke our gear.
Positive Review Tony from Canada sent 30 Oct 2007
Service is good, there seems to be one main guy at the desk. He seems a little abrasive but that might be because I speak English and he doesn't much, but he's more of a friendly giant :) Squad is just a tad more expensive than some places in Amsterdam but the quality has always been excellent and you don't have to worry about anything "extra" in the product. Almost the entire menu consists of award winners. One or two tables to sit at as it seems to be more of a pickup and go place, but there are lots of friendly customers to stand around talk to. Ample parking space around the area.
Positive Review Merlin Rocky from USA sent 23 Sep 2005
Was located and it is a coffeeshop.