coffeeshop in Beverwijk
Reviews of Stingray Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Animallover from Netherlands sent 13 Apr 2022
Went to Stingray for the first time today, but I think the quality of the weed/pre-rolled joints is really bad, the pre-rolled joints are not neatly rolled, very weak and not to smoke. I don't give more than 1star. The employee was very friendly, the shop also looks neat inside. Unfortunately, the quality of the weed is not good, we are no longer going there either!
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Another coffeeshop in a sorta weird environment as located in a big apartment building in a neighbourhood next to a gambling hall, pizza place and a car service station relatively far away from the city centre. Inside there are roughly twenty-five seats, a somewhat purple theme going on; mostly metal standing tables with wooden stools. There is a turnstile if you want to enter their smoking area. Quite oldschool and has seen better days, oh my. Reminded me of a run down youth centre but there was much daylight in the back due to a big window above their billard table. Nonetheless girl on shift was friendly and recommended their Super Pollen (8€/0,8g) which was nothing special but nice enough. Their best Silver Haze wiet looked at least decent and there were eight other strains on the menu as well. For hash about five among Lemon Haze Block, Amnesia Block and others. Average place.
Positive Review Pepijn from Netherlands sent 29 May 2006
I think Beverwijk has 4 shops and Stingray is the only one that's open till 1200 every day and fortunately is closest to my place :) Good service, no pre-weighted bags (only one in Beverwijk), a very nice "house-weed" for 6 euro and most important a nice atmosphere. First point on house-rule list; respect fellow visitors and their belongings :) It's not very big but at least 20 people can chill fine there. I would like to say Beverwijk should be happy to have a coffeeshop like this; 9 out of 10!