coffeeshop in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Tom from France sent 26 Feb 2018
Nice shop for the district. Their products are nothing special (in the average of A-dam I would say) but the staff is very nice and welcoming.
Positive Review Dave from UK visited 9/1/18; sent 15 Jan 2018
Just down from Nieuwmarket is Solo. A non-descript frontage belies a tidy, cosy, quiet coffeeshop. Bought a coffee and a gram of something I can't remember as it had ''been a long day''. Good smoke and perfect location for walking about.
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal sent 22 Feb 2011
They have some "temple ball" but not the same stuff from two or three years ago.
Positive Review B&E from USA sent 11 Oct 2008
We loved the location of this coffee shop. Also, very friendly guys working here. We sat by the window smoking joints, looking out at the canal and writing our postcards. We came back here twice, very friendly, fair prices, good weed, you should visit this shop. I know that they have another location, but we didn't go there.
Positive Review TNT from USA sent 26 May 2008
We stayed 1 block down from Stix and tried numerous other coffee shops, but Stix's had them all beat by our "customer service" standards. Tried numerous buds of superb quality. Their "space muffins" at $6 euros were the best in town, and we tried many. The attendants at Stix have the best service, friendly attitudes, superior stock of goods and away from the heavy traffic areas. We spent many hours there on first morning after a 12 hr. flight waiting to check into our apartment. We are hoping to go back really soon as we were told of the new laws concerning closing of this shop as well as many others for being too close to schools. Sure hope the Dutch citizens realize what they are to lose in $ income if all these new laws go into effect.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 2 Mar 2008
Situated on the corner of a pretty little street, Stix could be a million miles from the Centrum, infact it's a stones throw from the Red Light District, kind of behind the Bluebird. It's got one of those push a button and light up menus which is a tad tacky in my opinion, but the prices were ok. Asked for a gram of Afghan Cream at 10euros, when the fella weighed it out it went 10.03 grams so he asked if 10euros 30cents was ok, of course I said thinking he was a bit of a tight arse to charge 30cents for 0.3gms, but I thought about it and realised that if he did go giving away 0.whatever to whoever he would soon be losing money, so it is a good idea me thinks, the hash was lovely and pliable, smelt sweet and tasted great, the high was a little short lived, but I find the effects of good hash never seems to last that long anyway. There is plenty of seating here with 5 or so stools at the bar and a few raised tables and stools and there are also 3 large booths, they have a variety of board games inc backgammon and Connect 4 but no pool or football tables, they also have a downstairs area but this was closed on my visit. When I ordered 2 hot chocs the fella told us to sit down and he would bring them to us, when he did he didn't ask for payment and just went back behind his bar, I liked this no hassle approach so tipped him a couple of euros when I paid for my drinks as we were leaving. Nice place. Recommended.
Positive Review Stuart from Scotland sent 11 Dec 2007
The Nepal Tempal Ball is one of the best dark hash smokes I have had, we ended up stayin in here for a couple of hours. The Gunpowder is the best thing I have ever seen, turns any weed into super weed. Everytime we were here it was just us and the owner who's pretty sound and knows what to offer if you need help picking a smoke. So if you want a quiet smoke then this is your place.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA sent 12 Dec 2006
Our first trip to Amsterdam, this was our closest coffeeshop to our second apartment, yet we opted never to stop. Frankly, it didn't look too appealing, stuck alone on a nondescript corner. But on our second trip, I wanted to try the Gunpowder hash (1g/E12.50). Pure and simple, it makes average bud spectacular - unpressed trichromes, which roll perfectly on a bed of weed. And the place is just beautiful inside, completely unexpected. Appeared to be an average weed menu, but the Gunpowder makes it a must-stop every trip. From my understanding, the Temple Ball also is superb.
Positive Review Jak from England visited Oct 15-19; sent 4 Nov 2006
A very chilled relaxed atmosphere.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
Cool little place just off the Nieuw Markt, down Koningsstraat from the Cafe Cuba (where they have the best mojitos). Go down to the first canal (Krom Booms Sloot) and you're there. Small shop, but ample seating, nice windows to look out, very friendly service, and a good beverage selection. They were playing some trancy music which wasn't bad, and the overall ambiance was chilled. The recommended choice off the menu was the "Haze x California," a wicked sativa bio you'll want to try. An "off the beaten path" shop, but worth the time if you are in the area.
Positive Review Chicago Joe from USA visited 22 Jan 05; sent 12 Aug 2005
Stix takes great pride offering only first class top quality weed and hash. Very laid back atmosphere that is clean with no sensory overload. Friendly and informative staff. Try the Gunpowder hash or the Afghani white widow weed.
Positive Review Jonaskif from UK sent 12 Jul 2005
Cool little coffeeshop. Bought five g of Nepalese for 55 euro, fantastic smoke! Also got 2g of Afghani White Widow which was ok. Really helpful dealer, mostly Dutch clientele, will be visiting again!