Boerejongens Centre

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Boerejongens Centre Number of Positive Reviews 18 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Tom from France sent 26 Feb 2018
I tried their Tangerine G13 block 2 days ago. This stuff is not pure to say the least, it stays soft when it's cold, makes a suspicious white smoke when you light the joint and tastes a bit chemically. Despite that it's quite strong and couchlocky. I'm 95% sure that this stuff is an excellent first grade pollen mixed with some kind of plasticine or epoxy resin.
Negative Review Anon. sent 19 Feb 2018
Yesterday I came to get weed. I bought 3 grams but the seller refused to let me stay for a smoke. They weren't friendly and didn't want us to go in. No respect at all!
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Very nice little Apothecary style shop, BT's wear shirts, bowties and braces. Very patient and well priced quality strains (unfortunately all Sativas were out when I visited and then on my return later a huge queue down the street).
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 25 Mar 2017
Fairplay this shop is the ultimate grab n go. Quirky set up and very good prices. I had a 1g Super S Haze and the wife had a beautifully packaged hash cake with change of 20 euros. Highly recommended shop in a good area of the city.
Positive Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
A small and comfy shop close to Rembrandtplein and Amsterdam's best record store, Concerto. Best shop in the nearby area and great on the money, functions well as a take-away too. Doesn't compete with the best shops, but certainly a good shop when you happen to be close longing for a smoke.
Neutral Review Matt H from Canada sent 5 Jul 2009
Some nice cheap Nepalese temple ball. But the interior was butt ugly. It looked like something out of a bad 70's movie. Did not stay their too long. Not a nice place to chill but the hash was nice so I can't diss them completely.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
This place is very boring but had everything one needs to relax. The "Heavenly Haze" and "NLX" stands were not as good as what other near by shops have to offer and we did not end up buying much here rather just sitting around for a while to get off our feet.
Positive Review Paul from USA sent 7 Jan 2008
This place is great, right around the corner from Rembrandtplein. They are small, but have very comfortable bench seats. The tender in the morning is a great guy. Jazz was playing when I was there. They have mixed hasj joints for 3 euro that are really strong. You must buy a beverage to sit and smoke, but a small price to pay for a great experience.
Positive Review Zack from Canada sent 11 Aug 2007
Not the most welcoming decor in the world (all black walls with a cramped front area). The budtender was friendly though and quite funny. The weed here was great, maybe the best in the city, with the Jack Herrer (for the daytime) and the Bubble Gum (for the nightime) being my personal favourites. Not the best place to sit and hang out though. 7.5/10
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 10 Mar 2007
Good Weed! Also a very friendly place, and also very quiet not trippy at all, weed was good, as was quality of service and drinks. Just watch out for the spiral staircase and the little dog, he looked a bit viscous. Shiva: This weed gave a really nice high, really buzzy and not too 'stoney'. Jack Herrer: this had a really strong smell, and upon smoking was quite a slow hitting weed, but when it did, it hit quite hard, after one joint I was quite confused and walking was an effort.
Positive Review Jak from England visited Oct 15-19; sent 4 Nov 2006
Excellent shop and very friendly guy behind the counter, really chilled and no pressure with a wicked large window to chill out and watch the world go by. Also has some seating upstairs (but no drinks). Very good quality hash, as this was just down the road from my hotel was the morning stop for a breakfast spliff or few.
Positive Review Jr. from USA visited Apr 06; sent 16 Sep 2006
Nice shop. I got 2 grams of Gunpowder. Unpressed Neder Hash. Good but not great. Ended up mixing it with all the leftovers in a 7 inch Dutch cone before we left. That was awesome.
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 18 Jun 2006
This is a small but friendly shop about two blocks south of Rembrandtsplein. It has a small menu that is hidden unless illuminated by pressing a button. The budtender was happy to make recommendations and show off their wares. The place has booths in a big window, was a nice place to sit and watch the world go by for a while. Definitely worth a stop if you find yourself in this pleasant neighborhood not so far from the crowds and throbbing nightlife.
Positive Review Stygian23 from USA sent 27 Mar 2006
Love this shop. Great to grab and go, but the shop is a little small for hanging out (3 extremely cramped booths and a couple of barstools). While their bud is primo, you can't come here without buying some of their gunpowder unpressed hash. This is a must to dust any and all of your smokes, and at 5 grams is more than worth the €57.
Positive Review Nick from USA visited April 05; sent 17 Nov 2005
Small place but great atmosphere! Little Asian guy behind the dealer counter was nice. Quiet shop and very clean. They have a neat menu that is in a glass box on the wall. You push a button on the box and the menu glows so you can see it. Great selection of about 8 weeds and 8-10 hashes. Dealer let us smell a few grasses before buying, all I remember is what I tried and that was the NLX grass and some Helter Skelter hasj. I am very picky on the quality and both the hasj and grass were totally top notch. Nice quiet area just south of the Rembrandtplien square. Coffee was superb as well. Highly recommend NLX grass. Was amazing! At 9 euros a gram. Get it if you dare drop in.
Positive Review Roy from Australia sent 22 Mar 2005
My personal favourite. Great coffee, good smoke (especially the hash) and the pre-rolled joints are always reliable. Its also close to Get Records, the best place for CDs in A'dam. Great for the older smoker (like me).
Positive Review RT and NH from USA sent 21 Jan 2005
A very good place as well. Purple Power was dry but definitely was still worth the euro. Had a nice fruity taste and good light high. Something like 5.50 a gram. Also had the White Widow, pretty damn good think that was 6 a gram. Downstairs is kinda small, didn't go upstairs. The menu is located on the left as soon as you walk in just push the button it and it lights right up. They have lots of bioweed and like 2 or 3 hashish selections plus little instructional hand outs on smoking weed if you need it or want a souvenir.
Positive Review Roy from Australia visited Nov 04; sent 30 Nov 2004
Haze were excellent. Good pre-rolled Caramelo hash joints. Stix is more laid back than most places. It plays an interesting and eclectic range of music but it's not the kind of place you are going to hear metal, techno or sixties music. There is a nice upstairs area, accessed via the usual stairs of death, where you can look out over the canal street below. The coffee is good. A great place to have a relax after hitting the Concerto and Get Records CD shops on the same street. Top place.
Positive Review Qahouaji from USA sent 11 Jan 2004
This shop is probably the best if you like Indian hashish. Their "Indian Cream" costs about 60 EURO for 5 grams, and it's the best I've tried anywhere in Amsterdam--a little stronger than the Manali sold at the Bushdocter. It's a nice place, and the neighborhood is lively--check out Concerto Records across the street, and the giant ABM AMRO Bank a few steps away when you need money.
Positive Review Melodee from USA visited April 03; sent 8 Jun 2003
A tiny, friendly, Dutchy coffeeshop. When I was trying to make eye contact with the cute guy behind the counter and Dutch couple asked what I needed and called the order to the cute guy. Very cool. But what made it the best is the absolute best bullet hasj! The taste, the texture, the lovely light olive green color were sublime. I'm heading straight for Stix right from Centraal Station next time I go. I highly recommend it to mature smokers, it was not a place to go rock out or listen to very loud music. It was just very cute and comfy.
Positive Review Tom from UK sent 3 Oct 2001
A must for nearly every local I met. For me they sell the highest quality (albeit fairly expensive) and their homemade gunpowder is amazing. I say get to Barneys for some Mekong and then jump on the tram down to Rembrandt Plein for a spot of Stix, stock up and dont worry about going anywhere else.