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The Stud

coffeeshop Amsterdam
Reviews of The Stud Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Anon. sent 19 Jun 2019
In the outskirts of Amsterdam, near Camping Zeeburg, where we stay, is one of the chiliast places with top quality and if you look at the price it is very hard to find similar shops with that selection. P.S. the cali-conection is top shelf.
Positive Review Farry from Israel sent 18 Jun 2019
The Stud is the best place I ever smoked in my life! Nice place, nice people and very good weed & hash. Patrik, the owner of the place, is a superfriendly guy, like all locals I met there. It was in September 2018 and in this September I will be in Amsterdam once again and a first place that I want to visit there - The Stud. And, you know, friends, it's not about weed only, it's all about people.
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 16 Jun 2019
The Stud is quaint little 'corner' dispensary with limited seating available. The quality is fair to that of a super friendly neighbourhood Amsterdam dispensary. A plethora of choices.
Positive Review Amirsh1 from Israel sent 26 May 2015
I was there last week. I really wanted to remember a bit more from this nice place but I guess I was quite high when I was there. This place is apparently completely unknown to tourists, beside me and my lady there was 100% local occupancy. I got there for their Orange Bud, that could not be found any other place. With this strain I was supposed to bring my lady back to smoking the good herb after 10 years completely without it. I guess I did not choose well, it was supposed to be uplifting, but for her was quite the opposite, I myself quite liked it. Their prices are unbeatable in all of Amsterdam, pleasant stuff, nice local family vibe, and a quiet location.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 17 May 2015
Locals mainly shop with friendly people and also very good quality at reasonable prices. One of the best in Amsterdam!
Positive Review gd from Greece sent 20 Oct 2010
Absolutely friendly staff and absolutely great stuff. This guy is amazing, I only bought 10 euros of 'The Stud' and: 1.He presented me with 3 bags to choose from! I asked him to choose one for me. 2. He gave me the best bud! 3. He also gave me new kingsize papers and a new pack of tipies! 4. It is an incredibly sticky top of a bud and weights 1.6 grams! 5. I am sooo stoned! What else there is to say? Great shop!
Positive Review Tucci's Guide from Italy sent 29 Jan 2010
Small friendly shop for locals in a very quiet neighbourhood. Interesting prices and menu, with a quite big selection of hash and weed. I bought here 1,5 gram bag of Silver Haze for only 10 euro and a 0,7 gram of "Rode Oojes" hash for 5 euro and they were both nice products at good price. So, if you want to save some money and smoking the best at the same time, my tip is to take a bus and go buy in quantity where the locals do, these are always the best places. For the Stud, I can say that. Where else in Amsterdam, with a purchase of 15 euro, they give you a packet of Futurola smoking papers and a packet of filter tips for free?
Positive Review Bas Plate sent 16 Mar 2007
It's a small coffeeshop with 4 kinds of weed and 4 kinds of hasj. I would recommend the PP (also known under the name of White Widow). This weed has been sprayed with extra THC (at least that's what the guy said). The taste ain't fantastic but the space is really good. You could also try the Silver Haze, which is really good too. For hashish I would recommend the ''Rode Oogjes'' (Dutch for red eyes ;)) You could also ask for the Skuff but I won't tell what this is. They don't sell per gram but per 5, 10 or 20 euros. If you buy weed for 20 you get a real big top so go check it out.