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Super Fly

coffeeshop Hoofddorp
Reviews of Super Fly Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 5 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
When one is entering here after showing one's ID to the friendly bouncer at the door there is a bud counter to the right and in the back to the left there is a comfy and modern looking sitting area with about twenty seats, a couple of sofas included if memory serves me right, and an other bar, also relatively bright place offers about five options for hashish including their cheapest blonde Pollen (7€) and their most expensive Banana Kush (10,5€) which were both looking good and tempting. Wiet came with a similar choice though starting at about 11,5€/g to 14,75€ for their best, sealed in a jar, which was Sherbet. Also Night Shade and Super Silver Haze, both for about 13€/g. Also their wiet looked worth trying but a bit pricey considering location but not much competition and so on around. Young Dutch guy on duty was happy to show and explain stuff. Quite a bummer we didn't make it back here as planned as we went to the other coffeeshop which wasn't a let down at all but would have loved to try the wares here in comparison. Since it is one of the coffeeshops close to Amsterdam Airport I wonder if Super Fly is pun intended? Anyway, if one finds oneself in this depressing commuter town give it a go, please!
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 16 Jun 2019
Closest to Schiphol Airport. 7 km by foot. Quality gets a :| but the border location to the airport upgrades it. Hey, it's still Dutch weed! :)
Neutral Review Marcel from Netherlands sent 9 Aug 2011
Shop I used to visit a lot when I just started smoking, and still do in case I'm out of weed and don't feel like going to Amsterdam or Haarlem. It's there for locals, and Hoofddorp isn't a great place to visit, so I recommend tourists to skip this shop if they can. But if you happen to stay in Hoofddorp and feel like a smoke, it's an okay shop to visit. A lot of their weed is oftenly very fresh and not properly cured, so make sure you ask to check the stuff before you buy, which isn't a problem here. I recommend not going for the most expensive strains on their menu, since they're usually just expensive because they have a limited supply, or just aren't very well known by the average smoker. For a safe bet, check out the Super White Widow at €10 a gram; one of their strains that's pretty consistent in terms of quality. But stay the hell away from their Purple Haze. Worst weed I ever smoked and shouldn't even be allowed to get sold.
Negative Review Sergius from Netherlands sent 18 Jun 2011
I was having some serious doubts about going to this isolated coffeeshop or if would go to Amsterdam. I should have chosen the last option. First of all, it's a pretty big walk from the train station to this place. Second of all, when I got there, the door men weren't particularly friendly. Staff behind the counter was nice though. Place looked like a pretty good place to chill, but the weed I got, of course I know this was one of the cheaper ones, but still 8,50 per gram. Pretty fresh weed (meaning just awfully wet). Nothing I would buy again. Just my personal opinion of course, but I wouldn't recommend this one. Just go the mile, and go to Amsterdam.
Positive Review BritDesi from UK sent 15 Apr 2011
This was my local coffeeshop while I was working in Hoofddorp for six months, never bothered going to Haarlem cos it served my needs so well. The prices are a lot better than Amsterdam, the bud is pretty good, the Nepali hash will have you seeing stars pretty much every time you smoke it and the cheaper stuff (Purple Haze) makes for a nice daytime smoke for newcomers. The staff are friendly and offer advice on the best strain to get the high you want (bear in mind I would usually go in the evenings or weekends so the staff will vary depending on the time of day). Ventilation's pretty good so the place doesn't ever get too stuffy and they usually have football on the TV if you're into it. Sure makes a change from watching the footy in the local pub! Only problem is the restrictive opening hours because of the local municipality rules.
Positive Review ADN from France sent 31 Jan 2011
From the airport it took me 25 min by bus to reach the Super fly. A very pleasant coffeeshop with an extensive selection of weed and hash. Many couches to chill.
Negative Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
Don't go here. They always sell weed that's too fresh and the strains never taste like they're supposed to taste. If you only want a high you could go.
Neutral Review Virdee from Hoofddorp sent 29 Mar 2010
The weed was good but the staff was a bit rude.
Neutral Review Satisfied Smoker from Netherlands sent 4 Nov 2009
This shop has a random door policy! A boy without ID (clearly of age) was refused and 2 minutes later a beautiful lady was allowed in and told "bring ID next time". Also the bouncers are often outside when they ask for your ID. They look menacing and I never really feel welcome! The counter staff are OK and relaxed, though. Weed quality is disappointing and it's relatively expensive. They give 10% for free but Willie Wortel in Haarlem is better - 5gr for price of 4gr! I say: time for competition for SF, then they might become more customer-orientated!
Positive Review Rob from UK sent 7 Jun 2009
I would never have found it if I had not already taken the name and address from this website and believe I would have walked straight past were it not for the building number listed here. A small but light airy shop with friendly staff. I paid 9 euros for a gram of Bubble Gum. I also bought a pipe, some screens and lighter and I was ready to sit back, smoke and relax. Nice weed and a great place to chill. I will definitely return there.
Positive Review Niko from Italy visited Aug 07; sent 29 May 2008
Good "Special" weed at 5 euros per gram and good black Afghan and good Sputnik.
Positive Review Martin from Poland sent 16 May 2008
Rich-tasty top-notch royal-flavor buds! Yeea, that was the first coffeeshop that I have visited, and after couple months spent on moving from city to city I can't find same great sinsemilia :) Obviously I didn't hit every coffeeshop, but this one is really high rated, I always come when I'm around. Good vibe, great stuff, not the cheapest but worth a price for sure, and no cheating even on Polish people respect!
Neutral Review Mike, the shop's owner sent 30 Nov 2006
We have had a total restyling of the interior. We expanded the shop from 40 to 150 m2. And the lounge has become really something special. You won't recognize it as a typical coffeeshop, apart from the also very much improved menu. Different kinds of sativas and a wide variety of Moroccan and Asian hasj will give everybody what they are looking for. And not to forget: It is the closest coffeeshop to the rest of the world, next to Schiphol Airport!
Neutral Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 21 Feb 2004
I've been to this coffeeshop several times. It's really not that special, the looks could be better and the weed could be dryer, but a university-grade smoker will be pleased to hear that the shop opens at 10.00 am. You can sit there at a few tables, but it doesn't look very good. There is only one person working there and he's OK.