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coffeeshop in Venray
Reviews of Switch Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass sent 12 Jul 2017
Heard lots of negative things in the last years about this place. What I found was a bright modern shop (refurb some time back?). About 20 seats if memory serves me right. Looked nice enough for a short sit down. Menu was like about five strains of wiet and about four of hash (only remember Turkish (10€/g) and Hia (8,5€/g)). Was shown S5 & Kush (10€/g) which looked ok enough but went for what I was told to be their best which was Turkish. Gear is pre-packed I think. Which wasn't of Turkish origin in my humble opinion but light brown hashish of classic Moroccan descent; good enough quality. So all in all I expected a lot worse but found an OKish place if you're not looking for outstanding gear. Have seen really rundown places with way shittier gear (priority#1) than here but was during the week here so can't say something about traffic, consistency and service on weekends or in general but can imagine it can get crowdy. Ok enough visit this time. Bonus is they are still seem to have their lunch on weekdays so during 12PM-2PM this shop is closed; not on weekends though.
Positive Review Big-Y from Norway sent 7 Mar 2011
Switch was the first coffeeshop I ever visited besides the ones in Amsterdam. At first sight it doesn't look that cool, but it actually is. The weed they serve there is very good, I tried almost everything on the menu. I loved the Amnesia and the WW they had. Really tasty and pleasant. But the cheaper kinds of weed wasn't that good, especially the one called NLX (At first I thought it was Nevilles Haze X 5 or something, but I think I was wrong). The staff seemed to be a pretty friendly Turkish family. They also had a parrot :)
Positive Review John Doe Jersey from Germany sent 18 Sep 2009
Hash (price for 1g/3g, price varies with the amount bought) Polm 6€/15€, Super Polm 8€/18€, Hia Hia 10€/22€, Turkse (Turkish), Polm 12€/28€. Weed (price for 1g/3g, price varies with the amount bought) Mix 5€/12€, White Widow 7€/13€, NLX 7€/18€, Amnesia Haze 12€/28€. They have more strains but I've just smoked some White Widow with some sprinkles of Hia Hia (0.05g) and I'm totally stoned so I don't remember the other strains. The smoker's lounge has room for about 16-20 people and a pinball (24 - Counter Terrorists). There is a parrot (green) in a cage at the entrance, shielded from wind, weather and smoke.
Positive Review Jeroen from Netherlands sent 17 Sep 2004
Nice coffeeshop. Usually hiphop music or other "urban" music so to speak. They have a pinball machine, soccer table and another game machine. They usually have about 5 different types of weed (K2, White Widow, Black Widow, Jack Herrer, etc.) and a couple kinds of hash (Polm, Super Polm, Turkisch Polm) etc. no crazy quality, but good stuff. Prices range from about 5,00 for the cheapest hash and weed, to about 7-7,50 for the best weed/hash. They also have a weed called Mix, it's just a mix of all the leftover weed (for example after cleaning out the boxes). The cheapest stuff they have and obviously not really great, but ok for the price. You can get a roach/paper and lighter at the counter so you don't have to buy them. There are about 10 tables to sit at.
Neutral Review Wacky Dragony from Netherlands sent 6 Aug 2004
I've been to the Switch and the weed is not as great as in den Haag. But that's because that's the only weed I've smoked until now. I smoked jack bla die bla didn't hear it good enough because of the accent they have there. They have a soft g and the weed I've bought was 15 euro for about 4 or 5 gram.