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coffeeshop Beverwijk
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Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Place is also similar to a small classic bar with cushioned stools and benches, about twenty seats and oldschool setting. Menu: Ketama Gold (6,5€/g), Primera (8€/g), Caramella (9€/g), Bad Boyz (10€/g), Madelaine Block (6,5€/g), Chocolate (8,5€/g), Blue Dream (8,5€/g), White Choco (8,5€/g), Diamond (9€/g), Milkshake Kush Block (9€/g), Candy (9,5€/g), G13 Super Lemon Haze Block (10€/g). Wiet: Mango (10€/g), Jungle (10€/g), Lemon Ice (11,5€/g), G13 Amnesia (11,5€/g), Super Silver Haze (12€/g), Ak020 (12€/g), Amazing Haze (12€/g), Grape Fruit (12,5€/g), Nedermix (7€/g), Abricot Kush (10,5€/g), Power Plant (10,5€/g), White Widow (11€/g), Jack Herer (11€/g), Bubble Gum (11,5€/g), White Shark (11,5€/g), Big Buddha Cheese (12€/g), Hulk (12€/g) and Rollex Kush (13€/g). All in all a big menu which reminded me contentwise of a certain coffeeshop chain from Amsterdam so it seems they are linked or fishing in similar waters. Got the blondish hilariously named Bad Boys (Moroccan) which came pre-packed as far as I remember and was of good quality. Classic resin! Compared to other shops in town probably the place to pick up here!
Positive Review Liam from UK sent 21 Oct 2012
Taffne's has a slightly stuffy atmosphere and if you want a nice place to smoke spiff is better. But the weed in Taffne is slightly dryer and if feels as if you get more for your money than in spiff, another good thing is they weigh it out in front of you. If you go there I recommend the N.Y.D, it's not the best stuff you can find but it's a pretty tasty smoke and some weeks you get quite a lot for your money, but every week changes, ask the bud tender how it is. Last time I checked it wasn't on the menu but ask anyway as they always have it ;)
Positive Review Anon. sent 26 Apr 2006
A cosy shop but you better go to Splif.