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Negative Review Carlo from Italy sent 5 Feb 2019
I was in this smartshop, I was not happy. The quality of the goods is really poor. Sellers do not listen and want to sell you what they want. I do not recommend it.
Negative Review Jarere from Italy sent 20 Feb 2018
I visited the shop in November 2017, the staff was prepared and extremely friendly. I had a nice experience and their products and selection were great. Therefore I ordered the same truffles online, this January (2018) and I didn't get the high I expected, so I tried to sort out a solution with the shop and had a terrible customer service experience, they were rude and entitled fuckers. I am very disappointed and sad that the beautiful memory of the shop was disrupted that way.
Negative Review Alex from Russia sent 11 Nov 2017
Shop assistant has sold an article for 10 euros more than it is on the website. Costs appear 40% more when you buy them in the store.
Positive Review Jimmy from USA sent 8 Mar 2011
I had not been in a smartshop since shrooms were banned in December 08. Tatanka was clean, well lit, and staffed by a very knowledgable and helpful salesperson. I indicated a desire to trip, I was pointed towards the magic truffles. Containing psilocybin, they are basically mushrooms. I had a full dose of some that are considered on the milder end, with instructions on how to take them. Great product. Bottom line, you can still shroom in Amsterdam. Great customer service and nice store. For 10 euros I had a very nice 5 hour trip. I have tripped harder, and probably could have bought some of the stronger stuff, but I got exactly what I wanted, a nice trip that went well with the cider and the smoke, and not so over the top that I was unable to interact with my friends who were not tripping.
Positive Review Glenn from Canada sent 14 May 2008
This place was great, especially Toby the guy who helped us several times (the other staff were super too but I didn't get their names). I had been up for 25 hours from my 3 connecting flights and needed a pick me up. Toby sold me Maca Booster (3 pills for 4.95E) which did the trick nicely and without shaking hands or feeling like my hair was crawling off my head. I felt awake and ready to rediscover Amsterdam after 19 years away. I later enjoyed two types of magic mushrooms two days apart. One box of 12 grams of Hawaiian for 15E and one box of 35 grams of the McKenaii 'shrooms for 15E. Both results were as Toby claimed and what a pair of strong trips they were! It was interesting watching Dutch television and then going to Mama's restaurant for a Shawarma while the world moved around me. They also have a great selection of papers, pipes, grinders, bongs and more "smart drugs".
Positive Review Rod from USA visited New Year 04/05; sent 7 Oct 2005
Very nice inside. The staff was friendly and helpful, and they had a wonderful selection of mushrooms. It was all laid out on a very easy to read chart showing what was strongest and what the effects would be. "medium - body high, happy colors" was our new years choice, and I could not have been happier. They also had really nice glass toy, t-shirts, and lots of general head shop gear. Can't recommend this place enough. If you stay anyplace near Leidseplein Tatanka is a short walk, only a block or so, close to Rookies where we did a lot of our smoking.
Positive Review Jimmy from France sent 27 Sep 2004
I like the shop because it offers a large variety of magic mushrooms and other herbal drugs. The staff is very friendly. If you go to Amsterdam, don't miss this shop!