La Tertulia

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of La Tertulia Number of Positive Reviews 17 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited June 2019; sent 16 Jun 2019
Quaint authentic little corner dispensary with a bistro added to it. Everything is Mediterranean, from vegetation - they have a sort of garden -, wall decor over to the flower selection. Got a beautiful Mimosa there; signature house strain. 18 € / g. Drinks are mandatory to sit down, oh and please tip the ladies, they are super friendly!
Neutral Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Usually my first stop, because of the distance from my hotel. Tried a gram of Bubblegum & Trainwreck. Both buds were a bit weak in my estimation. I feel as though they are losing their touch.
Negative Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
Biggest disappointment in all my years in Amsterdam the "Super Silver Haze" looks sub-par, smells bad, tastes bad, harsh, and overpriced! Why did I buy this? Also the hash called "Ketama Mareki" was long skinny dark brown strips, somewhat pliable at room temp and harsh hits with an overwhelming taste, all this was for an expensive price tag I will never go back here and give it a -1 out of 10 stay away from this one.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 17 Sep 2007
On the picturesque Prinsengracht over looking the canal is the equally picturesque La Tertulia coffeeshop, well worth a visit whilst on a daytime wander. On the right hand side walking away from the centre you cant miss the place with it's crazy outside decor (see photo above). As you walk in there is a small water feature with some plant life to the left and the bar is down a few steps in front of you. The two ladies greet you with a smile and are very friendly, even when it gets busy they never get stressed and just keep smiling, they have a great selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices/smoothes and also do toasted sarnies which seem to be very popular, I had a chocolait shake that was really thick and creamy. The hash and weed menu is fairly extensive with all the usual suspects, pricewise it's pretty average, i.e. not cheap but not a rip off joint. I purchased a gram of Jack Herrer on recommendation of one of the ladies and went and sat upstairs. Up there it's like a cheap 1950's American diner with red plastic chairs and white tables all over the place, (no comfy soft seating). Some of the tables have been scratched/written on by loads of different people over the years and make fun reading. The Jack Herrer had a lovely sweet taste, gave a nice high and wasn't choky at all. The only down side to the place is the fact that it shuts early. Top place for a daytime toke though.
Positive Review Jimbo from UK visited July 06; sent 1 Sep 2006
Very chilled out setting on the Prinsengracht. The infamous 2 ladies were there running the shop and they are as sound as everyone makes out. Had some Bubblegum here. Nice morning smoke. Me and the missus had a hash brownie each washed down with a fresh banana shake. mmm! We passed back by here just after 19h and the place was shut, but noticed one of the ladies who worked there, and she was kind enough to get us another 2 brownies. Nice place and people!
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 27 Jun 2006
The first thing you notice about this place is the inviting, natural decor. Several bushes and trees and a bench outside the front door, a great terras with several tables, and a view of the Prisengracht on one side, and a nice mural on the other. It is located right on the Prinsengracht just south of the Johnny Jordaan Plein, on the corner of Oude Looiersstraat and Prinsengracht, very picturesque. As you walk in the front door you are greeted by a number of plants, this is at street level. Then there are stairs that go up to a spacious lounge area with big windows, tables with chairs, chess games etc., and down stairs to the beverage bar and wiet menu, as well as a few more small tables with chairs. Windows surround the whole place, big picture windows looking out to the Prinsengracht out front, and smaller windows downstairs looking out to the street filled with ivy, flowers and other plants growing outside, very nice touch. The wiet menu is great quality and has variety with 15 wiet choices, and 6 hasj choices. We tried the "Neville's Haze" and "Orange Bud," both were great specimens. Also got a puur joint of the Orange to go at 3.50 euro, it was great later on, very true Orange, not an imposter. The beverage bar has everything; Chocomel, Loozas, teas, coffee drinks, sodas, energy drinks, shakes, you name it. Also available are toasties, broodjies and soups. They were playing a nice Reggae mix and it really made for the perfect ambiance. The two ladies that run the place couldn't have been nicer on all aspects of the place, nothing negative at all. They have a vaporizer bong that they will teach you how to use, and several other smoking devices available as well. A great place for a chilled hang, check it out.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
Great small place, helpful lady. We sitting outside and looking the "Live" on the "Gracht".
Positive Review Beth from USA sent 15 Mar 2006
This place was awesome. The ladies are very helpful, and the tostis are great! They also have a pretty sweet vaporizer, and they even showed us how to use it. Incredibly helpful women working there, and I for one happened to love the 70's cafe feel. A great place to go for lunch.
Positive Review Greg from USA sent 26 Aug 2005
The people running this coffeeshop are very friendly and know about their weed and hash. They should, since they have been in business for over 20 years! The toasted sandwiches are top notch and the milkshakes are great. It is also one of the few shops with a really decent crystal collection. Although I know this isn't a prerequisite for a coffeeshop it is a nice touch. The weed selection includes some of the best hazes I have tried, and the ice-o-lator was almost too strong for daytime use. The weed and hash prices are right on. I would also definitely recommend this place for lunch.
Positive Review Emma and Ben from UK sent 13 Nov 2004
We loved this shop in the quiet street of Prisengracht. We were made to feel welcome everytime we visited and loved the toasted sandwiches! It was bright and airy which meant we didn't feel monged out so quickly and the ladies who ran it were really sweet and friendly. Orange bud was good quality. Shame its only open till 7pm but an excellent place for a relaxing smoke in the afternoon.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
You know that each shop is different. Well this one reminded me of like a 1950's grocery store. The table and chairs seem from the 50's era. But the Bubblegum bud was great, and I felt relaxed here. Worth the walk to see.
Negative Review Simon from UK sent 27 Oct 2004
I don't understand the draw of this place. First off, everyone raves about the inviting lush, green interior. Actually, it looks more like a cheaply remodelled mid-70's cafeteria, right down to the cheap stackable plastic seats and wobbly folding tables. Lots of unfortunate pastel colours and a mismatch of potted plants, tacky indoor ponds and souvenir-shop knicknacks. The smoke menu is *insanely* overpriced and disappointing in quality. Avoid their iceolator discs; a mate bought the small one (€60!) and we found it to be much weaker than some average polm we had purchased from another shop. Rather embarrassed that he had drug me all the way across town to this place, I punted the disc to a couple of Spaniards for him and we made a hasty retreat.
Positive Review 2old2Bintothis from USA sent 19 Oct 2004
Most of the coffee shops I went into were filled with young men. La Tertulia was obviously created with women in mind. Spotlessly clean, open and bright, with a cheerful color scheme and a lovely mural on the outside of the building, this coffee house is across the street and down from The Pulitzer Hotel (which by the way, was very cool about giving us a smoking room and as long as we were discrete so were they. Totally worth the big bucks they charged us) When I visited La Tertulia, friends were visiting the manager. Interestingly enough, anyone who wanted to smoke just went upstairs to give them some privacy. Upstairs I found women sitting alone and in groups, having a coffee and a smoke, reading or talking quietly with friends. So mellow. The pot selection was varied and of above average quality. Especially appreciated were the chocolate truffles which were both tasty and potent. If you're a female travelling alone, you'll find this to be a woman friendly oasis. On the same street as the Anne Frank House, this is a great place to relax and refocus after visiting the museum.
Neutral Review Lee and Deb from South Africa sent 17 Oct 2004
There were two old dears running this place so I was surprised when I asked to buy some weed, one of them promptly whipped the box out. The deals seemed overpriced so I just bought their cheapest baggy to avoid any embarrassment. We sat upstairs where they had real plants and pretty bad decor - The pink window frames come to mind.
Positive Review Grok from Netherlands sent 1 Sep 2004
I especially enjoyed going to 'La Tertulia' in the mornings to have my after-breakfast tea & smoke, sitting in the sun and chill out watching the traffic on Prinsengracht (canal) and sidewalk.
Positive Review Vipz from Italy sent 12 Aug 2004
This is my favourite cs in Amsterdam, it's a relaxing and a very beautiful place, as the boat house just in front of it. Very good weed and food, goat cheese and milkshakes first. Relaxing atmosphere, women's staff was very kind. I spent there a couple of afternoon simply delicious. Thank you Tertulia! Unfortunately it's open just during daytime, and closed on Monday and Tuesday.
Positive Review Pam from USA sent 19 Jul 2004
Lovely! Lekker! Still awesome--fresh basil, mozzarella, tomato tosti is a must, as is the Orange Bud joint.
Positive Review Jimmy from England sent 4 May 2004
Great place and dead easy to find the second time you go. Park your bike and sit outside, it is so sweet. I think this is the sort of shop where they take far more care of and pride in the quality of their weed. Go there.
Positive Review Joe from UK sent 26 Aug 2003
This was the first of many coffee shops I visited in the 'Dam and a must as I had been there with my parents when I was younger. Inside it has loads of plants and fish. Very cool and chilled but the seats are a bit hard. For bud they offered a wide range of bio at respectable prices. The Kali Mist was delicious fantastic flavour and the high was great, just a feeling of serenity, the skuff and Jack Herer are also a must. And soothe your throat with a milkshake and a brownie to finish. Check this place out you won't regret it.
Positive Review Mary from Canada sent 14 Jun 2003
We both really liked this place and, in fact, it was our favourite. The weather was great and we were able to sit outside on their canal terrace right beside the Vincent mural. The staff were friendly; the toastis were excellent; the music was great; and the dope was very good, if a little on the expensive side. To us, this coffeeshop was the perfect reflection of what we love about Amsterdam. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Dani from UK sent 14 Oct 2002
Great for a daytime smoke. Clean and bright with good range of herbal teas.