De Tevreden Rookster

headshop in Groningen
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Positive Review Otto from Groningen sent 12 Aug 2008
Nice shop with loads of pipes, bongs and everything you could imagine. They also have a wide variety of seeds, which I came for, and they have everything to grow your precious little plant.
Positive Review John from USA sent 9 Jul 2004
We've been there several times. They have the usual bong, pipe, etc, but they do have very nice wooden pipes. I bought 2 and brought 1 home, and it's my everyday pipe. And some glassware, but looks as if for using coke, which isn't our bag! The also sell seeds, growing supplies, I bought "NewPurple Power" 10 seeds, for 15-20 $$ Great selection of papers too. It's my headshop when I'm in Groningen,