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coffeeshop Enschede
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Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
You have to show your passport to the friendly enough bouncer to get access to that strictly and basic pick-up-only place. Samples of weed were displayed behind a little glass tube. About eight, most expensive one around 13 € if memory serves me right. Their only two offerings of hashish older Dutch guy handed over to me for taking a closer look which is handy but as said before not when it comes to hygiene. However that Tetouan Royal (9€/g; the other one was 5€/g) was after my liking. One of those very hard pressed dark-brownish polms coming with a piney taste and a nice enough mix of stoned and high effects. In general there are better versions available but this one hit the spot nicely and I don't complain. If you know you know and for Enschede in itself a nice option to be had and depending on personal taste maybe worth a look as one of the best in town. Though not only when it comes to lovers of hashish this is among others in town worth a visit but also for their weed which even seemed to be the best option in town. Locals on site and stuff I read and heard before confirmed that. Although coffeeshop weed went down the drain roughly in 2010 the weed here seemed to be better than the rest of town but still personally not too impressive. Some strains were indeed looking good but the Hulkberry (12€/g) which was one of the most expensive ones lacked taste but potency was ok enough. Remember budtender recommended something else though but his choice despite the name didn't smell like kush to me. Stuff is weighed in front of you. All in all worth a look not only for the hashish. Only shop in town which closes early at 8PM.
Positive Review Justin from USA sent 19 Feb 2015
I agree with Infamus, the shop is more of a fly by shop but after the few times I have been there, the guys behind the counter have always been very explanatory whenever I ask them to see anything and they give a very honest opinion, in clear English even. I bought the Tetouan Royal (€9.50/g) hash the past couple times and this really is an amazing hash. Burns well. Melts in your hands in seconds so it's easy to pick a quick hit. Gives a good smooth and powerful hit. Today I bought the Riff XO (€ 12.50/g). I compared Tetouan to the Riff side by side and both are absolutely beautiful. The nice budtender actually explained the differences. The Tetouan is smoother but still potent while the Riff is a bit more heavy to smoke with a higher concentration. No pressure at all to get the more expensive one. He preferred the cheaper one himself. But I ended up getting the pricier one because I like to try the strongest stuff. Weighed up perfectly (even a tiny bit more than the requested amount). To summarize: if you like hash, this place is highly recommended. I did not try the bud because I prefer hash. Staff is amazing. Hash is amazing. Customer service is amazing. Definitely will be coming back next time I am in town.
Positive Review Infamus from Germany sent 13 Aug 2013
This is more like a fly and buy shop, but I can recommend their hash. Ketama at 7,50€/g is already really fine stuff. It gets better with Tetouan for 8,50€/g. Then there's Riff Special or something for 11-12€/g. The Riff is really special, but too expensive for me to buy it too often. But the Tetouan is some of the nicest stuff I have ever bought in Enschede. Really nice, potent Moroccan, which is easily bendable and does not need a flame to heat it up to crumble. Just hold it in your hands for a minute or two. The weed is OK, but there are better shops for this in Enschede. The staff is friendly and they will let you check out the gear. No pre-packaged bags - everything is weighed right in front of you.
Positive Review Tarro from Italy sent 10 Mar 2007
Only one very little room, with only one small table furnished with only two chairs and a cigarette machine. They have only three kind of ganja and three of blondes but I found here a Ketama expecials (6€/gr) that make me enthusiastic!