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coffeeshop Den Helder
coffee shop Tsjakka, Den Helder, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, Facebook, reviews, map, picture
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Positive Review JustinCase. Sent 7 Dec 2018.
I have to correct myself: there is a rookruimte [smoking room]. Yesterday actie (action/sale) hash was Super Polm 5 gram 12.5€. And let me tell ya: in such a small city there is no space for rip-off, as they want their customers to return. Friendly staff, they will show you the stash and let you smell before you make your choice.
Positive Review JustinCase. Sent 3 Dec 2018.
House special "Tsjakka Actie Wiet" is 6€ / gram and it is a haze they would charge you at least a tientje [10 euro] for somewhere else. Hash is what you can expect in a Moroccan-run shop: expert class. :) Shop is take-away only.
Positive Review Dennis from Germany. Visited May 06. Sent 24 Sep 2007.
One of the best coffeeshops in Den Helder. I do always holiday in Holland. I visit this coffeeshop always in the holiday. The weed is very good and the prices are good. White Widdow is a good weed and costs 12€ for 2grams but best weed which I bought there is Bubbel Gum is very very good and costs 14€ for 2grams, does not stand on the map. Echter Pollum is the best hash in this coffeeshop 2grams for 24€ 3grams for 25€
Positive Review Graz from Germany. Sent 22 Jul 2007.
From my experience, and I definitely have earned some within those years, "Tjakka" might be the best shop in the Netherlands! They offer about six strains high-class weed and also six different types of hash, including rarities like Turkish or Libaneese, and their prices are really awesome! The average tourist will be luckily surprised facing their charmful personnel, while real cannabis connoisseurs save a whole vacation day by not "being forced" to visit Amsterdam for adequate supply.
Positive Review Korrupt from Germany. Sent 7 Aug 2004.
This shop won't open before 2 pm. If you buy more than one gram, it gets cheaper and cheaper. 1 gram White Widdow is €7 and 2 grams €12. The Staff is very friendly. Tjakka is lead by a very nice couple. In the front, they have 3 big windows so you can see the whole street from inside but nothing from outside. (mirror-glass?)