coffeeshop in Tilburg
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Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 Aug 2019
A lot of hit & miss but if you find the right bud it can be awesome. Sampled some Tangerine Dream, which was OK under a microscope; it could have been cleaner. Sampled some Cheese. Under a microscope it was clean, yet it was harvested freshly and had no time to dry or cure properly. Tip of the bud had a nice purple tint and the trichomes were milky. Smoke was rather rough and the ash, for those that believe in it, was very dark grey. Toermalijn has a nice outdoor seating area with a small little shrine, more expensive strains in glass containers which are supposed to be from California and tested. The place is literally somewhere between The Hague and Venlo, not only distance, but also quality wise. A Nobody's Place (Venlo) in its prime days.
Positive Review Big J from Belgium sent 14 Feb 2011
Got some White Choco, which is an original Chocolope, wow that's something great. Nice volume buds, awesome taste, really something you got to try. Also got some N.Y.C.Diesel which had a great orange taste but a little bit disappointing high. Nice garden to sit.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
Extremely good quality and big menu with nice garden. One of the best all over Netherlands! Highly recommended shop if you are in Tilburg!
Positive Review A dude from Belgium sent 20 Sep 2009
They probably have one of the nicest gardens I've ever smoked in. It has a little fountain and everything. Very good atmosphere and a large variety of strains. Their discount bags are a good deal.
Positive Review Hazem from Egypt sent 12 Jul 2009
I tried the "Bubblecious","AK-47","Budacheese", then I sticked to the "White Widow" because it was on promotion 5gm for 36.5 euros. That was by the beginning of this year 2009.
Positive Review Bassjunky from Belgium sent 2 Apr 2009
Great range of choice in both weed & hasj, and I like the pre-rolled joints too, you can even collect the packaging of them, they have a nice menu-book with their humongous offer very nicely described, even down to the taste & effect of every kind of weed & hasj. Good shop in my book, only minus is that it can get very busy in there & then you get the feeling of being rushed :D Recommendations: AK-47, Jack Herer, Super Jack.
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
I heard a lot about Toermalijn, but didn't know what to expect. The shop is quite expensive, but they have a really big choice. From some excellent weed and good hash, to some of the most strong things I've ever seen. I bought some ice-o-later-hash, made from Mexican Haze. It costs almost 30€/g. But it's worth every cent! One hit of that stuff and you're flying high!
Positive Review Barry from Belgium sent 19 Jan 2008
On the pricier side, but has very good quality weed. In the back, you can sit on the terrace, which is a little small, but has a very distinctive chill-out mood. A lot of choices on the menu too. Definitely worth a visit. Liked it.
Positive Review Mohan from Germany sent 12 Sep 2007
I was there twice on the 6th of September 07. Once in the morning and there were only a few people. In the evening around 9pm the shop was very crowded. The shop itself is very beautiful, there is also a garden, very nice to chill out. Very friendly personal and a huge variety of weed and hash. We bought some Sharksbreeth (1,13g 12€), very beautiful buds, good taste and good stoned. Also had the Nevilles Haze which was full of crystals, the gram about 10€, nice smoke and a good high. The AK47 made me very stoned. They also had A5 Haze (0,64g 5€), Amnesia Haze (0,46g 5€), Space Haze, Diamond Haze (was the most expensive, 12€ per g), but I couldn't buy all of them. They also had some outdoor weed like Purple (1,34g 5€), Skunk (1,07g 5€), Jamaican and Thai. But the best was the variety of Ice-O-Later Hash. I bought the Exotic Star Ice (1g 23€), it's made from the Mexican Haze (1g,12,5€ at Damkring) very beautiful taste and very strong uplifting high. Best Ice-O-Later Hash I ever smoked. Toermalijn was for me one of the best coffeeshops in the Nederlands, so if you visit Tilburg go there. You wont be disappointed.
Negative Review R. & K. from Germany sent 11 Aug 2007
First I want to say that the coffeeshop Toermalijn is quite clean, comfortable and the quality is also very well. The bar-stuff is friendly and the garden is great. But what is happening at the moment in the Toermalijn is a big impudence which happened to us in our "coffeeshop-time" (5 years around the Netherlands). I like driving 100km for good grass because the grass from Venlo (gangsta city) isn't to recommend and probably full of trash. Last weekend in July I drove to Tilburg and I was shocked that the shop was closed from the 27.07.07 to the 06.08.07, unbelievable, I thought, but it was o.k. Then I drove to Tilburg once again at the 6.08.07 and I can't believe my eyes, at the door: open :8.8.07. My last try was Saturday 10.08.07 and I was quite furious when I arrived: It was still closed without one reason: open 13.08.07! Three times we drove to Tilburg without being successful. Because of this disappointment I won't never again drive to Tilburg buying grass. We'll drive to Amsterdam in the future. That was a big bullshit: Toermalijn!
Positive Review Grizz from Belgium sent 7 Jul 2007
It was our first visit to Tilburg, (July 2007) so after looking at this guide we decided to visit Toermalijn. I must say, when we arrived, from the outside it didn't look very special, just a house in the middle of the road in the center of the city. But once inside, I must say, the other comments on this site were not kidding: over 30 kinds of cannabis with the ability to smoke a prerolled joint for about every kind they sell, cheap prices for the most famous kinds going from less then 5€/g to +15 for the isolators, free filtertips & papers (not just a few, but a complete new one :) & friendly staff. Since the sun was shining we went in the garden. I don't know if it was up to the garden or the weed, but after 2 hits of some fine tasting White Widow (which was in promotion) I was stoned already! My friend took the AK-47 and he also was overwhelmed by its fine quality! The garden gave a very relaxing feeling, and I almost didn't want to leave :) I must say, whenever I go back to Tilburg, I pay a visit to this coffeeshop.
Positive Review Quzem from Belgium sent 21 Apr 2007
I love this shop, I would give it three smilies if I could! They have very good prices, and the quality is definitely great as well! It's about 20 minutes walking from the station exit. There's a rather large open area behind the shop, with an elaborate and very groovy garden, perfect to chill out! Nice tables with chairs, too. The interior is quite well-lit, the room is coloured in very pleasant yellow - quite light but not irritating at all. I like it. Further to the back there's a typical pinball machine or two. They sell the grass at the main counter and they hand you a real menu upon request, like in a restaurant. The menu has detailed description of most weeds. The amount of choice is dazzling, the weeds are sorted by origin and type (Dutch weed, Dutch haze, Dutch hash, Foreign weeds (Thai, Jamaican) and hash) They have the best sorts like Crystal Haze, Space Haze, (Super) Silver Haze and Jack Herrer, but also standard weeds such as Northern Light, White Widow, etc. They also have a 'special offers' page, with really special offers - I got 5g pre-ground White Widow for 25 euro and 5g AK-47 bud for 37 euro!
Positive Review Pieter Jan from Belgium sent 26 Mar 2007
Great shop, good prices, very friendly people, good interior and great chill-out garden (when the sun is shining). If you like to get stoned, try their White Widow, it's not the most expensive one but you will be very pleased. If you prefer getting high, get the Happy Brother version, it's just great, and the best getting-high-weed I know! Too bad they don't always have it :( As for hash, the only one's I've tried are the Maroc versions and they are good too.
Positive Review Maria from Netherlands sent 24 Oct 2004
Absolutely the best coffeeshop in Tilburg! Check out their digital menu with more than 35 species of high quality hash and weed, all very well described. The Moroccan hash is delicious and they have the real Haze and Jack Herer; that makes you fly a space journey! They also have the best Ice-O-Lator, probably the strongest hash you can smoke in the world. They have all the superb quality you dream about, where can you find that in Holland? The prices at Toermalijn are more than generous, not only the marijuana, but also the drinks; a good cup of illy coffee for 1.00 euro! The interior of the shop is lovely, it has a good atmosphere, their personnel is very friendly and especially visit the enormous garden of delight; it's a fairy tale, I've never seen a more spaced out garden where I can chill out, than this one.