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coffeeshop Den Helder
Reviews of Tops Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
There is basically a counter area with two budtenders along with a couple of seats and another room in the back where there is a kicker table too before you enter the sorta gigantic garden, wow - at least for coffeeshops. Lots of green and small palm trees with about fifty options to sit at. Another fifty inside also coming with mostly comfy seats, general wooden layout but not too cheap at all. Gezellig! Also a Verdamper point for vaping! Menu is : White Widow (9,5?€/g), Gorilla Glue (14€/g), Strawberry Kush (14€/g), Og Kush, Bubble Gum (12€/g), Special (12€/g), Super Silver Haze (12€/g), Amnesia (12€/g), Cheese (13,8€/g?), Buiten (Sensi, indica, 7€/g), Buiten (Purpletta (Sativa, 7€/g). Hash: Afghan (6€/g), ? (7€/g), Polm (7,5€/g), Super Pollen ( (9€/g), Lebanon (9€/g), Z (9€/g), Tbisla (11€/g), Critical Block, Haze Maroc (12€/g), ? (12€/g), Nepal (12€/g), Mazar I Sharif (12,5€/g), Super Afghan (13€/g) Tropicana (14€/g) and King Hassan (18€/g). Asked mid-aged budtender for his recommendation and he gave honest advice. Nonetheless went for their King Hassan after having a look and despite my protest a mate got this Super Afghan but can relate to some degree as all of the hashish was looking quite proper. For one second even thought about getting something off the blonde Lebanon but didn't which they weigh up for you here. The Afghan looked also really good but after trying I knew why I didn't go for it as so often it was a particular earthy taste but a way too weak high for me. The King Hassan on the other hand was particularly overpriced though this is probably down to being in Den Helder but quality was quite good as well. Classic Moroccan goodness, bit more pressed but for some reasons and coming with a gingerish taste profile while giving a strong enough body stoned as well as nice enough heady high. Though only bad point was the quality of their offered wiet which wasn't special at all, also prices for their gear seemed a bit steep. Well worth a visit though!
Positive Review JustinCase sent 3 Dec 2018
The Den Helder coffeeshop that makes you stay. Relaxed atmo, bright place, large menu (~30 varieties altogether. Hash: black, blond, modern style. Weed: indoor, outdoor, exotic). Tobacco free smoking area and tobacco smoker's area. Warm Chocomel and fresh mint tea.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 26 Nov 2015
I had a very pleasant visit in that shop last summer. Very good hasj and weed and large smoking area. Also sympathetic garden. What else?
Positive Review Piggy from UK sent 27 Apr 2011
This was my first visit to a Dutch coffee shop and found the experience very pleasurable. The weed was very good especially the Super Silver Haze. Wow. The staff were extremely friendly and spoke very good English, made me feel very welcome. The outside is really relaxing with reggae style decor. Lots of flowers, plants and mad little quirks everywhere. A stoner's paradise. A very good coffeee shop, not too much choice just enough to cater for all tastes. Have a verdammer vape for customers use. Ideal.
Positive Review Raffaella from Italy sent 17 Jun 2008
Beautiful, inside you can drink and smoke using also an internet point! Outside is a real "relax corner".
Positive Review Joe from UK sent 27 Jul 2006
Tops was the first coffee shop I visited on my trip to Holland, as this is where I have friends. Does not open until 2pm. Very relaxed inside and out the back they have a garden where you can chill out and have a nice toke from their great menu. The pre rolled are good. Next door to Tops is Spot where you can buy beer/wine etc. which also joins the garden at the back. So for you people who like to smoke & drink this is perfect. Free internet if you can be bothered. Staff where nice and did not mind me takin my time on which green to toke.
Positive Review JimmyG from Portugal sent 18 Apr 2005
Nice coffeeshop. I live nearby.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands sent 25 Oct 2004
I like the shop very much. I always go there if I am in town. I live 10 kilometres under Den Helder in Julianadorp and in the weekends, if I am not in Amsterdam, I go to The Tops just because it's a good shop. They have free internet and they are very nice to you if you come more times. The weed is great and at night they have a security that helps prevent pickpocketing.
Positive Review Korrupt from Germany sent 7 Aug 2004
This shop won't open before 2 pm. Two free internet stations with a Quake2 Demo. The Staff was not very friendly, but ok. White Widdow was good.