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Reviews of Superskunk / Tops Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Positive Review Blackwatertoker from UK sent 12 Apr 2019
First time back since 2014 - loved this coffee shop then, and still love it now. Great vibes.
Neutral Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
Not a shop I would have ever gone to except for the fact that is right on the Prinsengracht where you board boats from the St. Nicolaas Boat Club, so it was there, I had the time, and well, you know. There is terras seating out front, but other than that you are confined to a smoking room in the back. As you walk in there is a bar & wiet counter to the left. The menu is overpriced, but some strains looked really good, 9 wiet and 7 hasj choices. I only tried their puur pre-rolled at 7 euro, it was way overpriced, but convenient and it tasted fresh, good and stoney. Playing trancy music, candles on all the tables, internet, video screens w/ music videos and football, somewhat uninspired service, but not mean or pretentious, a fairly good vibe.
Negative Review Akaflyin from USA sent 4 Sep 2008
I went here only 'cause the Easy Times next door was closed for renovation or for good I don't know but the Tops is def. not tops. They charged us 2.50 per drink and then told us we couldn't smoke inside at all and that we had to go outside to smoke. The dealer was very rude about it all and also kept asking me if I wanted to buy weed. I looked at the menu and it was all overpriced so we just took our drinks and walked out and some guy who looked as tho he worked there nearly spit on me as I walked out the door. I've been to the dam 6 times now and never been treated so poorly lol which was kinda cool 'cause it made me feel at home (Detroit). This place I would avoid at all costs.
Negative Review The Happytoker from UK sent 2 Aug 2008
I've visited Amsterdam on over 12 occasions and have recently been staying in hotels down the Prinsengracht which I've found very pleasant. There was a local coffee shop called "Tops" which I had not been in before as it has been shut on other occasions I had visited, this time it was open and looked very inviting so decided to go in for a coffee and spliff =) I went to the bar looked at the weed menu which seemed very dated, none of the new strains that were out on the market at present so I decided to get a gram of Columbian weed and a gram of White Widow with this I ordered two cans of coke, it came to €31!? I didn't think this was over priced at first as the bartender was quite chatty and friendly and I was kind of on cloud 9 by this time as I had been in a few coffee shops before hand =) This was bothering me so I went back up to the bar to check the menu for prices, after I done the maths I realised the bartender had overcharged me over €10. I always approach people with a polite manner even if they are the ones in the wrong! I'm on holiday and the last thing I want is to cause a scene! So I approached the bar and asked the man how much it should of cost for what I just bought with this he didn't even give me a second to breath, he stormed round from the bar and stuck his head in my face screaming and shouting that he was going to kill me, I backed off and said that I didn't want any trouble and decided to head for the door he was constantly pushing me as I was heading out, he told me never to come back and it was the most humiliating worst experience I've ever had in Amsterdam, and I love Amsterdam! And I always will! I just know never to go back to that moody joint again!
Negative Review Anon. sent 17 Jul 2006
Been visiting this place for eight years. It was really quite horrid this time. Not as bad as Easytimes (which always has that rough tourist exploiting crowd) but Tops used to be my favourite. Now the internet connection is overpriced, the music is waaay too loud, on purpose, so the staff don't have to deal with the customers as humans. What a shame, when they have actually spent some money on refurbishment.
Positive Review Hash Man from USA visited March 9-15; sent 19 Mar 2005
Well anyways my hotel was in the Leidseplien area and this coffeeshop was right next door to Easy Times which was more packed with people, and when I tried to walk into Easytimes one time, this black guy was in front of the door and was like "its 2.50 to get in" I didn't know if he was serious or not so I was like fuck you, there's coffeeshops all over and laughed in his face and walked next door. I don't know if he was serious about the 2.50 but never pay to go into a coffeeshop when there's plenty around :). So the weed menu Tops is not big, but they do have good deals, such as 1.9g White Widow 12.00 euros. They have other kinds of marijuana, hashes, and if you can't roll they always have pre rolled joints. But why smoke something that someone else rolls when u can buy a nice fresh bag and look at the buds and smell them :)
Positive Review Tom sent 26 Nov 2004
Not only did they sell grass & alcohol but also had Internet access. The bartender was really cool.