coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Trefpunt Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Paul from Scotland sent 17 Nov 2018
Most excellent coffeeshop. Good staff and even better selection of stuff. Very relaxed atmosphere, you can sit down and have a cuppa and a smoke. I highly recommend this shop if in the area (I was at Stayokay Amsterdam Oost and found this place by chance).
Positive Review Jay from Amsterdam sent 26 Dec 2010
Been here about five times. Reason I came back was because I had a job in this area. The last time I have been there you couldn't sit down, it was a take away coffee shop. The owner told me they were gonna extend it and build in seats for people. The weed is alright, not special but you pay a normal price. If you need some quick weed, it's worth your while stopping by. It's run by a couple of Turkish guys and they talk in their own language. They are not very friendly but they don't try to rip you off as far as I experienced. Also you can by space-brownies. I tried them 1 time but didn't get real stoned.
Positive Review Deividdo from Netherlands sent 3 Jun 2008
It's small but you can get good weed there. The first time I went there I bought 2,2 grams of Jack Herrer for 14 euros. Good weed and a very good high. The people are very very friendly and offered me free papers right away and are always in for a chat. Good coffeeshop, not the kind of coffeeshop you can sit and relax. Just a good coffeeshop for buying good weed and hasjies.
Neutral Review Courtjester from USA visited 15 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
It's sort of like a walk-in closet, with two-thirds for the budtender and wares, and just enough room in front for customers to make their decisions. And the prices aren't what they used to be. We settled on the Santa Maria (2.2g/E16), which is no overwhelming value. I was not dissatisfied with anything, and if I lived nearby, I might visit for a fly-and-buy. But I don't live nearby, the prices aren't compelling, and there's no smoking area, so what's the point for a tourist?
Positive Review Wayne from England (living in Ams.) sent 23 Mar 2007
Check out The NY Diesel, a bargain at €11.00 for 2g and certainly hits the spot!
Positive Review Dane from UK sent 11 Nov 2006
Good prices, I would echo the reviewer's points below. Recently done up, prices have gone up a fraction, but you can still get good White Widow or decent but not great, happy-mellow, NYC Diesel, or Jack Herer for 11e/2g. The Huispolm Hash is absolutely outstanding at 6.50/g, blows you away for a long, long time, a super-rich Maroc that they tell you in the shop "You don't need to put much in!" All in all, they have 4 weeds and 4 hashes at really good prices. Take the 14 tram east to the Pontanusstraat stop, walk 50 yards on the left side and save a packet! PS Eastwood coffeeshop and Happy People coffeeshop are within 200 yards of Trefpunt, and they are both good value too.
Positive Review Wayne from England (living in Ams.) sent 15 Aug 2003
I've been living here for a year now have dropped into Trefpunt many times as it's only five mins away. The staff are always friendly and of course willing to let you see/touch/smell the weed. It's only a small coffeeshop with a pool table and T.V. Blink and you might just walk straight past the very understated shopfront. As you might expect, being out of town their prices are pretty good but unfortunately the selection of weed/hash isn't...
White widow - €11.50 for 2 grams
Super skunk - €10 for 2 grams
P.P.skunk - €10 for 2 grams.
I'm not a great hash smoker but the weed has always been o.k. Basically, this is a locals coffeeshop so don't expect any tourist prices or attitude. Venture out of the centre and this is what you get...