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't Trefpunt

coffeeshop Rotterdam
Reviews of 't Trefpunt Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 21 Aug 2019
Sampled Tref Rocks, which is their version of a moonrocks just half the regular price. Friendly staff, clean shop. Counter is a bank setup with security glass. Looked good under the microscope, smoked smooth.
Positive Review Marc from UK (living Rot) sent 9 Jun 2011
Quite a strange policy of having to present your ID at a little hole in the window (the coloured circle on street view) before they'll buzz you in. Didn't really work when the dealer was stoned and playing the PS3, he'd forgotten in the time I walked back to the door! Best way of describing inside is half social club and half living room. Shopkeepers were very chilled and friendly, bought some Silver Haze (no weights on the menu and only 16 € bags now) single bud looked around 1.5g, good taste, only average high. 7/10
Positive Review Marco from Netherlands sent 13 Jun 2010
This coffeeshop has everything from strong weed to space cake, from a fussball table to a giant flatscreen TV! They broadcast the world cup matches on here and during the day you can play PS3 on this TV (PES or COD). The shop itself is a normal sized one, it holds give or take 20 - 25 people. There is a bar, on which there are free lollipops for the munchies :P The interior of this coffeeshop makes you feel at home, because of the sofas and posters on the walls, and the shopkeepers are always willing to give you good advice on what ganja to buy. rating: 6/5!
Positive Review Ostra from Germany sent 17 May 2005
If you want to buy good weed for a fair price go there. Weed 1a - the skuff was not so good. Jack Herrer preferred ;)
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 27 Mar 2004
Holds 25-plus people. 6 weeds, 2 hashes, some games, a TV, smoke supplies and they have space cake. This shop has the ultimate location, close to everything, a small shop with a great character, great for locals, and tourist, again this shop is a smallish one with charm, not to be mixed up with those larger shops. Jack Herer is the top skunk they carry €12.00 for 2 grams nice bags.