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De Tuin

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Neutral Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Have seen a lot of coffeeshops all across the country but there are still surprises every now and then it seems. As with this one as it is located right in opposite of a church. Usual profanity and pragmatism spiced up with phoniness by this nation of traders again, anyone? Pissing myself laughing! Wonder which people fool themselves the most, the ones either going regularly to the shop or the religious service (some people for sure preventively even go to both places *lol*)? Hard decision! However, shop looked basic with about twenty-five seats but we didn't sit down for some reasons and a turnstile leading to the sitting area. Menu came with five types of hash from 3.5€/g to 10€/g for their Hia. Weed started at 5€/g to 10€/g for subpar looking Mango Haze (10€/g) and 11€/g for their most expensive Haze. Young Dutch guy recommended their Super Pollen for 7€/g which was not more than average resin. All pre-packed. Boring place.
Neutral Review JohanB from Netherlands sent 27 Jul 2010
The quality is low for very high prices. Also the amount of the bags suck most of the time! They don't sell dry weed. Average price for good weed is 8/9 euro a gram.
Positive Review Rogier from Netherlands sent 6 Jan 2004
It is a very good shop with really good weed. They have many different species over there. That's why it's special. Altogether it makes a fine coffeeshop.