coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Vondel Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany visited 2017; sent 10 Jun 2019
We stumbled upon this coffeeshop located at a 'bigger' street and went inside. Menu was rather small for Amsterdam and the shop was empty. Walked out.
Positive Review Ronen from Israel sent 6 Feb 2019
I've been in Amsterdam many times. This is the first time for me here. The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam by far. Cosy, comfortable, the best staff, very nice prices, good weed or hash. The best.
Positive Review Justine sent 13 Sep 2013
Het Tuintje got a new owner in July and they changed their name to "De Tijd".
Positive Review Gman from USA sent 18 Aug 2011
Definitely a local shop, their hash selection outweighs their nederwiet selection. We tried the AK47, White Widow and Mako Haze. The WW was spectacular, haze was typical sleepy, AK47 was questionable. Day-shift barista is fucking awesome, polite, funny, multilingual (English was excellent), night-shift barista is a bit shadier and quieter. Plays good selection of tunes, multiple levels, free wifi and computers, decent coffee. Overall a very lowkey shop, nice to sit with a drink and quietly burn a spliff or three. Almost no tourists to be seen, far from cramped.
Positive Review Jay from Amsterdam sent 26 Dec 2010
The staff is always friendly there and helpful. Because there is a school next to the shop they always ask for id when you look young. Once they got to know me they never asked me no more. Weed is ok and not too expensive. If you want internet access, you can go there. There is downstairs area to but it's a dark area and not too nice to sit inside.
Positive Review Shaun from UK sent 12 May 2005
A little out of the way unless you're staying in one of the budget hotels south of Leideseplein (as we were), but is well worth a visit. We wandered in around lunchtime on the day we were flying home and spent a very pleasurable couple of hours there. Didn't buy any gear, but the prices matched those in more central spots. The atmosphere was really laid-back ~ plenty of space, good chilly music, split level seating with cafe-style tables & chairs upstairs and a lounging area downstairs, pinball, table football, cheap internet access. Seems to have the lot (but no alcohol license). Definitely on my list for a chill-out revisit on our next trip.