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Tweede Kamer

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Tweede Kamer Number of Positive Reviews 32 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
By far my favourite shop I went in. This is a lovely tiny saloon type shop frequented by mainly locals and lost tourists or those like us on a recommendation from an ex local. Please don't go to this place if you're mouthy young pain in the arses or an arse, this in one of the nicest shops around, an untouched beauty of the Dam. Their menu is massive! They said they are renowned for their hash and boy they weren't lying! We bought Malayan Cream which was indeed very creamy and a smooth smoke! The G13 (bk to the green) was the nicest bud we were served all trip. Heavy stoned fruity and yummy taste 4.5/5 White Russian 4.5/5 again would've been 5 if better than at home. Their hot chocolate was the best I've ever had!
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
Great coffeeshop, reasonable prices, too bad it's always overcrowded.
Positive Review Stoner Association from UK visited 8 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
We really liked this place as the menu had the largest variety we had come across. Although not all the weeds are great the Cheese was very tasty. Prices were reasonable and staff were very helpful and friendly.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
I got the "NYC Diesel" which is better if you actually get it in NYC. This place didn't get it right and it was okay but non-impassive and I left without making another purchase although I would go back next year to give it another shot.
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 16 Jan 2008
Overall, I still like this place the best. Catch it in the morning when it's quiet, and you can often smell all their grass, no rush. They have about 20 kinds listed, and half are under 10 euro. The NYC Diesel is still 8.5 euro, and I still enjoyed it. The Jack Herer at 6 was really fine, great value. The AK-47 was not as good as I had elsewhere. I tried the Malama Cream hash 14 euro, it was black, and crumbled nicely. Quite strong.
Neutral Review Danny from UK sent 26 Sep 2006
I visited this place primarily to buy some of their highly rated weed. Got a gram of NYC Diesel and a gram of Jack Herer. Both very high quality but the staff required a lot explaining that I just wanted to buy weed and go and not sit down and have a drink - I think they were very stoned. Also the Jack Herer was in crumbs but at least they warned me before I bought. Didn't really enjoy high off the Jack Herer but the NYC Diesel was amazing a very mellow high - just perfect when you've got stuff to do.
Positive Review Matt from USA visited Feb 06; sent 15 Mar 2006
This is still my favorite shop. I still wish the seats were more comfortable, but if you get there at the right time and get a good seat, it's a great place to hang and people watch. One of the few places that still has a low priced item, the € 3/g Thai was very good. The NYC Diesel € 8.50 was smooth, and enjoyable. I also tried the Kushage Waterworks hash € 35/g, very tasty, but not as potent as the Barney Rubble I tried elsewhere. Once again, they gave me an old menu, this time with prices! They seem to be the only place that is willing to give away menus (legal issue?). Hope I haven't ruined it by sharing, but they do make for a great item to show friends!
Neutral Review Jack from Italy visited 10-13 Nov; sent 18 Nov 2005
The guy behind the bar was a little bit rude and very stoned. I had there 1g of Kadmer Hash for 7.50 €. It was good but not nothing special.
Positive Review AzLaker from USA visited 10/17; sent 24 Oct 2005
Walked right it the first time, and almost did the same thing 2nd time around. Nice place and atmosphere. Bought a joint of ice-o-later. Nice buzz, but joint was mixed with tobacco. My fault, should have been more specific.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Liked it in here the very comfy window seats are brilliant for watching the world go by, an extensive selection on the menu to suit all tastes
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
Not the most comfortable of seats in this shop but that is where the critics stop - a smoking menu that makes you feel spoilt for choice always produces some of my best smokes each visit. Recently had one of the best bags of Bubblegum I have ever smoked. Had an attractive older women dealing on this occasion (which seems to more more common now) but she knew her stuff when it came to the large menu (something I found less common unfortunately) so it all made for a most satisfying short stay here.
Neutral Review Stargirl from UK sent 6 Apr 2005
(AK-47!) and felt a bit disappointed although the guy behind the bar with the dreads has never failed to be extremely friendly and chatty. I am 26 and have been ID'd in this place every time so it's nice to know they are alert, although the crowded and claustrophobic atmosphere lets it down.
Positive Review Jon and Lori from USA visited 6-13 Mar; sent 27 Mar 2005
Our favorite coffeeshop! Right around the corner from our hotel in the Spui/Kalverstraat area, we hung out here at least an hour almost everynight. We were welcomed very nicely from day one. The bartenders would sit down and talk with us and on the last night even gave us free hash and OJ. Also let us take pictures behind the counter with the weed! Lots of locals here, but all were very nice, talkative and helpful. We tried all the Hazes here (Amnesia, Hawaiian, AK-47 and more) All were very good quality. Only thing was that it was small inside, but, it's worth it.
Positive Review Roy from Australia sent 22 Mar 2005
A1 coffee shop in the city. The product is always top quality and the staff friendly and efficient. Great quality, always. The only problem you will have is wondering which direction to turn when you leave! Always a hard choice after spending time there. A hash emporium in my experience. 9.5 out of 10.
Positive Review Fatboy Scouse from UK sent 2 Mar 2005
Real friendly knowledgeable service, shop itself is a little cramped, but superb quality schwag - Amnesia Haze was as good as anything I've ever smoked, Rifman Malika was a top notch Moroccan hash, AK 47 a frosty dream of a bud. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes.
Positive Review Rahim from UK sent 18 Jan 2005
My favourite even if it is small with not the comfiest seats. Great weed, Ocean's 12 is a firm favourite as well as the AK47 which has an amazing kick - if you are not sitting down when you smoke this then you soon will be. The guys are usually very friendly and even gave us free drinks after my friend's wallet got stolen. This has a great menu that tells you whether you are smoking a sativa or indica and they are very helpful behind the bar.
Positive Review Mark from USA visited 9-13 Nov; sent 16 Nov 2004
Went here by default, as the Dampkring was too crowded in the late afternoon when I visited there, but I quickly came to be grateful for that, as Tweede Kamer was a very nice and friendly place. Bought a gram of AK-47. It was advertised as being a little stronger than Buddha in terms of putting you into a stupor, but I didn't see much difference between the two. Perhaps I was too buzzed when I smoked the AK-47 to notice its effect. The dealer was very friendly, and as there were only two other people in the place, I hung around and spoke with him for awhile with him as I rolled up the gram of AK-47 into 3 large joints and proceeded to "light the lamp". It is my understanding the Tweede Kamer and Dampkring are owned by the same people, but my experience was that Tweede Kamer attracted a slightly older crowd, which was fine with me. They don't sell anything stronger than tea to drink, but perhaps if they sold beer it would resemble Dampkring, so it is good that they are different, thus giving the smoker more choices.
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 24 Oct 2004
I like this place the most. Not as crazy as DeDampkring (same pot menu) which serves alcohol. Not a lot of seats, but enough. Plenty of take out business in the evening, which fades late at night. Roy, the dealer, was kind enough to let me smell each kind of pot he had, which was a dream come true. Roy is quite the salesman and very entertaining. Finest quality, prices in line with the rest of the city. I was even able to get a menu to take home. The one I received does not have prices, but I am told if you get lucky you might score one, a great gift to share with friends!
Positive Review Grok from Netherlands sent 1 Sep 2004
Not only offer a superb selection of fine and rare hashish but also huge mugs of tea and is really living up to its name being an institution in its field. (2de Kamer = the Dutch parliament). Even met some locals here.
Positive Review Chris from USA sent 6 Aug 2004
I only sampled hash at this establishment and the bar tender helped me with my selection. I tried the Black Nepal and the King Hassan both were incredible but expensive. I do plan to spend more time in here on my next visit.
Positive Review Rob from UK sent 24 Jun 2004
The chap in Tweede was a good source of info on the crappy state of affairs concerning hash quality in the UK. I partook of some fine Nepalese and Afgan hash.
Positive Review Mike from USA sent 24 May 2004
Went in with mild expectations n came out with 5 grams NYC Diesel. Best smoke in Amsterdam. It's gonna run you 8 euros a gram, which in dollars is about 11, but the Super Silver doesn't compare n it's 9 euros I think. They got a nice selection. Must try the Diesel, def keepin it real.
Positive Review Jrodst33 from USA sent 11 Feb 2004
Great hash, but their weed I enjoyed more. If you go you must try Alegria for a very uplifting sativa, or Shiva Haze which is great and highly recommended there. But also I tried AK-47, White Widow, Stella Blue, Rock Bud, Sister Buddah Haze, and the Bubble Hash (hey it was close to my hotel what can I say) and I fully enjoyed all of them. The dealers there are very nice too, and there seemed to be quite a few different ones.
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
The hash and weed are the best in Amsterdam Central. The menu for hash and weed are the largest in town and have detailed explanations of the products origin, affects, strain and whether it is Hydro or Bio. The service and environment were excellent.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(8/10): Same owner as the Dampkring, same menu. Very small, but very chill, and the best hash we got in the city was from here. I believe we got some Nepalese, and it was just a great, sweet tasting, heady high. Stop in, pick up some hash, and head to another shop or back to the hotel to indulge.
Positive Review Koikkalainen from USA sent 14 Nov 2003
Stopped in Mid afternoon Friday as our first stop in the town. We were the only ones there, bar guy (didn't catch his name) was a total hyper and very nice. First notice *this place is tiny*. I wouldn't want to be here when it's packed. However, hardly any traffic Friday 2pm. Place is yours. I asked something easy for my soul and he recommended Shiva Haze. Quick soft drink to top that joint and we were off to the great city of Amsterdam and to tackle our jetlag. After 3 Hours and more than 5 miles of walking around I am still smiling and completely happy. This was the best recommendation. Generally, they don't get too scientific about it. You hear all about these deep discussions about the each kind there, plaah, doesn't happen. It's all good and just pick the one with best fragrance and appearance. It all looks just too good. Shiva Haze smoked nice and didn't bomb me and that is exactly what I needed. We returned to Tweede Kamer another time for a moment, it definitely was worth it and represents the original nice Amsterdam coffeehouse, I hope they stay like this.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 26 Oct 2003
Tweede Kamer is in the Spui area, which is South-East of Centraal Station. It is a beautiful part of town with the shop just off the "Centrum Square" there, across from "Dutch Flowers," another highly rated coffeeshop. "Tweede Kamer" is small yes, but it makes up for it in ambiance and quality of weed and especially hash. "Tweede Kamer" has an amazing menu, they are partnered with the "Dampkring" so the choices are endless. I went there looking for the famed "N.Y.C. Diesel," but to my surprise the guy behind the counter told me, "We're done with that." So I asked him what his favorite was and he told me the "Alegria," which was an intense sativa of some type, perhaps a mix. It had a very fruity/citrusy smell and the flavor was amazing, earthy-apple sort of flavor. I sat at one of the few tables, it was one coming out of the wall w/ two stools, and enjoyed a coke and the "Alegria." Actually the ambiance was very nice, they were playing John Coltrane and even while crowded, I found it fun to watch all the people and the different choices they made. Ok, lets talk about hash........."Tweede Kamer" has an excellent selection, and by far the best hash I have ever tried anywhere in the world is their "Moonshine." Yes it is expensive, but it is simply the best!!! You'll be floating down the canals and streets after this stuff, a must try for the experienced smoker. They don't serve alcohol here, but just North of "Tweede Kamer," up Spuistraat, is one of the best bier bars in the world, the "Gollem," at Ramsteeg 4, over 200 bottled biers and several others on tap, but don't smoke in this place, just cigarettes. I highly recommend "Tweede Kamer" or it's sister "De Dampkring" to any serious smoker, they must not be missed if in town!!! 4-1/2 stars!!!
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Ahhhhhhhhh hash!!! Oh yea, this is the place to go for hash. Sure their menu is the same as "de Dampkring", but it's so much more laid back in here and way less crowded. The music is almost always something "different" and by that I mean it's normally not more of that trans dance crap. The first time I entered they were actually listening to jazz! I had to stay there for over an hour just to soak it all up.
This place is tiny. I mean small. there are basically about four or five "sitting areas" to the left or right all dominated by a fairly large bar at the rear. You must understand that when I say rear I mean about seven paces back. They have a small yet functioning bathroom.
Like I said, you can get the same stuff at "de Dampkring" if you like the crowded techno crowd. Hell I like to go there at night as they do serve alcohol. But for sitting around in the middle of the day spliffing it up and taking it easy, give me Tweede Kamer. The workers are very knowledgeable and friendly and don't mind the Gringo's (American's). They have the most expensive hash at 45 Euro a gram (Dutch Moonshine #3) as well as the most stony hash (Ketuma) at 5 Euro a gram. You make the call. Last time I was there in November 2002 I stumbled upon the Ketuma by accident and never tried anything else for the duration of my trip.
They are located right off the Spui down the block from Dutch Flowers.
Positive Review Mary from Canada sent 14 Jun 2003
A good reliable to-go operation. If you want quality, then you can go here. Their Mexican Haze was superb sativa--well, it was the best that we had in Amsterdam. Go somewhere else for coffee, however.
Positive Review Matthew from UK sent 10 Jun 2003
Looks like it is used by the locals. Small and friendly place with by far the best menu. Tried the AK-47 and others. Dealer was very friendly and easy to talk to. Good prices and you can buy any amount up to 3grams. Not as good to chill out in as sister coffee shop nearby. 8/10.
Positive Review Melodee from USA visited April 03; sent 8 Jun 2003
The dealer was very solicitous of me when I bought the strongest weed on the menu and proceeded to sit in a booth to smoke some of it. Considering I'm 53 years old, he probably envisioned his grandma passing out in a coffeeshop and was looking out for me. At first milding insulting (I mean he doesn't know me like that:~} ) but then, very cute. I will always return to Tweede Kamer.
Positive Review K.C. from USA visited 3/12-3/18; sent 21 Mar 2003
2e Kamer was a few hundred feet from my hotel, so I was stoked. I knew that it was a highly recommended shop and had won some awards. Inside, Tweede is very small, even for a coffeeshop. I went on a Thursday night and the place was packed to the brim and there was a line almost out the door for the dealer bar. It could be a very cozy place (when not so crowded) as the interior is very classically decorated and lit. A nice change from the "trip you out" type of atmospheres some shops try to pull off. The menu was huge and is the same (I think) menu from the Dampkring. Some cool hazes and such, but the real winner was their version of NYC Diesel. I think it got third in the last CC. It is such a great thing to be able to smoke weed that tastes and smells that crazy. The high is great, but the fruity/gasoline taste and smell is something that is really rare in Amsterdam. If you like good West Coast weed with that fruity taste, this stuff is highly recommended.
Positive Review N_Mo from USA sent 25 Dec 2002
The true winner overall. These folks form a triangle with Barneys Brkfst. and Homegrown Fantasy to bring you truly the best bang in mind. Kamer is the best place to stop while in the Spui area. Remember--walk around the corner (away from Dutch Flowers) and you will not be disappointed. Hi quality herb, h-sh, house pipes, juicies and more, all at the fingertips.
Positive Review Pedro from USA sent 26 Feb 2002
Great new look!, as always some of the best selection in A-dam
Positive Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Hit Tweede Kamer in the rain - it was surprisingly empty. Good menu as ever, Nepalese Temple Ball at f25 and Manali at f20 - don't ask me about the grass -too many names - all I know is that "AK-47" is so named because it completely waists you.