closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Tweedy Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Davy Kushman from USA sent 28 Jul 2015
My favorite place in Amsterdam! Very friendly staff. Really good music. This has the feel of a local place. Very nice location close to Vondelpark. Definitely a nice different vibe from the loud central Dam coffeeshops.
Positive Review Claudio from Brazil sent 30 Oct 2012
Nice place. Good weed. Funny cat. 7/10
Positive Review Jonny Boy from England sent 4 Aug 2009
This shop was my favourite in my 5 day visit to Amsterdam. A quiet and relaxed place with a small but quality menu, frequented by locals for the mostpart. This is a place to chill to the reggae vibes not to be loud. Various herbal teas are sold for €1. I was particularly impressed by the Powerplant €10 and Caramello €10, plus they do a good Thai €5. The Tweedys Bio haze €13 was a bit rough n hashy for my taste but the smoke was really very strong and a very pleasant high. I'll be going back to Tweedy's again and again, infact I'd move in if I could!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 8 Jul 2008
Located on Vondelstraat near the very cool Vondelkerk and Vondelpark. We decided this was one of Amsterdam's finer straats. A comfortable, reggae-themed shop. With WW Sativa type train seating booths. We sampled High Rize at 10/G. It was a fine smoke. We visited this shop as a pitstop during our visit to the nearby Hollandsche Manege - which is the Amsterdam Horse Riding stable- located just a block away from Tweedy. Was very entertaining for us, with our Tweedy induced buzz, to catch a dressage team lesson from the cafe overlooking the indoor rink. Recommended shop.
Positive Review Qahouaji from USA sent 17 Apr 2006
Good shop and enjoyable gear. Went in and ordered some "Super Skunk," very good stone. Still have got wide selection - Afghaan, Indian, Nepali. Prices not bad, and who could beat the easy walk into Vondel Park!
Positive Review Petrone from UK sent 12 Sep 2003
Tweedy has reopened after building renovation, same spot, same crew. Go along!
Negative Review Qahouaji from USA sent 10 Mar 2003
I'm really saddened to tell you the tweedy is closed. Either they got busted for something or they weren't making money--very strange, They were up and running in December... That was a great coffeeshop--nice, relaxing atmosphere, enjoyable setting--and the only shop in the area south of the main city that sold charas. A real nice, honest place--run by hippies, I believe--and a good deal on prices too. Let's hope I'm wrong...let me know if there's any news about the tweedy.
Positive Review Ed from UK sent 19 Nov 2002
This shop is the place to be. Their weed menu is good. The best on the menu are the Afghan, White Widow 1 and 2. Don't be going anywere after smoking these. I made this mistake and was high all the way back to the airport. Kicking back in the train seats was one of the highlights of my trip. They also gave me free cups of coffee. The pool table make a good opportunity for some high fun. Overall I would say visiting Tweedy is a must when in the dam
Neutral Review Petrone from UK sent 21 Mar 2002
Convenient preparation for time spent in vondel park. Blond haired Dutch rasta type incharge does not suffer fools gladly. From intimacy of old fashioned train seating lining walls it is good to observe people attempting stoned pool. Handy, if staying at vondel park youth hostel. Weekend evenings see locals popping in for tenjies. At least when guilders were legal tender.