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Two Twenty Two

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Two Twenty Two Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Fat-Matt sent 15 Jul 2020
Threw a whitey and slept on the pool table on one of the 3 nights I spent in Holland 1992 with Toblerone and cosmo, Best 3 days of memory loss except for Castlemorton. Nicest dudes ever running the gaff. Sad to see closed, hope bigger better things have come for them!
Positive Review Tyler H from USA visited June 07; sent 4 Feb 2008
Got the Jack Herror which looks nice, sour almost earthy smell, strong hitting, smoother taste, strong stone at10E/G. Also got the White Widdow which had a sweet smell, stoned and high was smooth and not too strong, moderate price. It was right next door to where we stay so we made a couple stops for rolling papers, always good service and good prices for being in the heart of Amsterdam. Place changes every year.
Negative Review Kingsp4de from USA sent 15 Dec 2007
This place has quiet a bit of seating for how small it is. Not 2 big of a menu, and the music was very loud! I literally couldn't hear my brother and he was right next 2 me. If the music wasn't so loud maybe this place would be a nice place 2 relax, but the dealer doesn't seem or look 2 friendly. Not sure if I'd come back 2 this place, maybe, but only if I was in the area.
Positive Review Skuff Junkie from Wales sent 25 Jun 2006
I've been coming to Amsterdam since 1984 and nearly straight away I stumbled into a little coffee shop called the 222. Since that time I've got to be good friends with the 3 brothers who were running it and in time I grew a friendship with Ricardo that to me he is as good as being a bother to me. I've been to other coffee shops and to tell you the truth there was no special click with the place as the 222 has! Over the years things have changed I've seen people come and go with the shop and the 222 growing its wings with Dance Valley and U.D.C (D.V 96 good year). But some things never change and that is after a shitty flight and train into ams, is to come in to the 222 and order Skuff NL and see those friendly if what stoned faces giving you your 4th or 5th Chocomel. All the best for now and well into the future.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
This place was exactly 10 big steps from our doorstep at the Krasnapolsky Hotel's apartments (within stumbling, or crawling distance). The weed is good, which was nice for a late night/early morning reload. The Blue Berry Crossed Skunk and White skunk are very nice strands to pick here. 2 big plasma TV's and a nice selections of hash as well make it a nice place to stop in for some bud. Comfy couch to sit on but the other chairs were quite strange.
Positive Review Di and Malc from UK sent 5 May 2006
Have visited this shop many times over the years. The decor has changed; it is now light and bright. Always made to feel more than welcome. People really need to check this little coffee shop out.
Negative Review Troy from USA sent 13 Aug 2004
We are going to stop here to find out about what was on in the city for night life parties etc. Well the place was dirty stinky and the only people there were so strung out they were no help or use to us we left. It is a worthy spot to check for flyers. I tried to go back several times and it was always the same deal there. Rude and run down.
Positive Review Will and mates from UK visited 4-7 Feb 04; sent 15 Feb 2004
A great little coffee shop, best seats in the place are behind the DJ booth. Good deals of there own 222 at 3 gram for 10 Euro. Music there was Trance and hard house only. Worth a visit, and the guy behind the bar was easy going and happy to help.
Positive Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
My favourite coffeeshop, great place to buy Skuff and, want to know about a night out, this is the place.
Positive Review Ticran from UK sent 21 Aug 2003
Hung out here for some hours one NYE before throwing shapes at Trancebudha. Only remember 3 things about the place:
1) Fantastic trance.
2) Comfy seats at the front and behind the DJ booth
3) The first 2 points + the effects of 'shoom tea = inability to walk 2m to the bar and order beverage. be warned ;)
Positive Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Named after the street number it occupies in OUDEZIZDS VOORBURGVAL. It is very near Greenhouse Centrum. Leaving "Greenhouse" cross the bridge walking towards the dam, cross the road, walk down O.Z. Voorburgval for about 20 yards and you are there. Small coffeeshop with frosted glass etching of a planet in its only window. Usually a quiet place to have a smoke - constant supply of good mixed Trance and Techno - better than "Baba" - at a non-earsplitting volume - good place to chill a while. Has info on local dance clubs - "Trance Buddha" is next door. Menu also offers individual joints or boxes of 3 for f20 or f25. There are some relatively comfortable seats to be had here