The Plug Utopia

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of The Plug Utopia Number of Positive Reviews 16 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Dave from UK visited 9/1/18; sent 15 Jan 2018
Took me a while to find this place. Locals use it which is good. It's nothing special inside but the weed was okay as I remember. I like this small shop because it's not too touristy, there's plenty of seats and I just felt relaxed.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Nice little shop, chilled atmosphere and good strain list. Can find some gems in here. Also find locals hanging here (Gapie).
Positive Review Degs from UK sent 12 Mar 2016
Top menu here, bit pricey but the bud was lovely.
Positive Review Mojobythesea from UK sent 31 Oct 2013
1st visit (Oct.22/13) and loved it. Very friendly staff and good relaxed atmosphere. Although it was 10am there were enough people in there enjoying what was a warm and clear day. Chose Utopia Haze and bartender very helpful with purchase. Credit to the girl. Have recommended to friends due to visit Amsterdam in November. Left with smile on face. Top banana.
Positive Review DW from USA sent 17 Dec 2010
Small place but really relaxed atmosphere this time of year (December during the offseason) makes it work. The staff were very nice and the weed was good. Really attractive looking buds here. Didn't mind at all about bringing in weed from other stores and smoking. It's easy to miss this place, and unfortunately the main landmark to look out for is the police station which is right next door. Maybe not a big deal but still may induce a little paranoia for travels coming from prohibitionist countries. Definitely would recommend.
Positive Review Bill from USA sent 26 Jun 2010
Very friendly, low key, small but nice shop. Liked the vibe.
Positive Review Streeturchin from Italy sent 7 Jan 2010
I have been in this place many times. It is a little, nice, cosy place with public internet. The speciality here is hash: Pakistan, Temple Ball, King Hassan and, for those who can afford it, the green Amsterdam hash is just a bomb. It is also a low budget hotel. I have booked a room a few times in the past.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 6 Jul 2007
From the outside it doesn't look that inviting, you go down a few steps through the front door where there is a small table to the right in the window, there are bench seats along the right hand side up to a couple of computers (internet) opposite the dealers/bar area. At the end of the bar is a large flat wooden box that is in fact the menu, it opens up to reveal many delights. The merchandise is sold in 1g and 5g bags, they have a good choice of weed and an even better choice of hash, I usually only smoke weed in the Dam as I don't smoke it over here (overpriced) but when I saw the quality of hash on offer I couldn't resist getting a couple of grams, I can't remember what it was called but a friend of mine brings me the same kind of hash back from Goa and calls it 'Charis'. Very black and very sticky, just roll into a 1mm thick strip and lay into your Rizla mixed with just enough baccy to aid the burn, wonderful old school hash that tastes divine and gets me on a level like nothing else I've ever smoked. Top staff thrown in for good measure, good prices, excellent place.
Positive Review Dano from Ireland sent 10 Dec 2006
The first coffee shop I went to when I got to the dam. I got the Sour Diesel and the Temple Balls, man it was fantastic smoke (a nice change to the bollox we get over in Ireland). The guy behind the counter was well sound aswell. Shop itself was small but makes up in great product and service. However the music was bad, the TV was just playing MTV. All in all a good aul spot.
Positive Review Adz from UK sent 19 May 2006
A great place I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone. Good advice and info on their products as well as fair pricing. A nice chilled atmos that I haven't been able to better. Whenever I've visited have always ended up chatting to interesting people. Internet available as well. Really friendly staff that really stood out as nice people in a sometimes dodgy city. Try it.
Positive Review Tony & Julie from England visited 27/ 04/ 06; sent 3 May 2006
Found this coffeeshop after walking away from Grasshopper 2, was given some sound advice on the strength of the products and tried Sour Diesel what a killer smoke! Also tried the Skuff another good choice. All in all a good coffeeshop will make it my first stop on our next visit. Rooms also available @25 euro per night. Would recommend this cafe highly.
Positive Review Mike from USA visited 10/27/05; sent 4 Nov 2005
We sat down looked at the drink menu at the table. It is a small and very cozy room there was just two other people in there who left shortly after we entered. I went up to the bar and asked to see the menu. The kind gentleman behind the bar opened up his box which seemed like at least the size of a couple of monopoly games boards in size. There was a great selection of hash from Morocco, Nepal and Afghanistan. All very reasonably priced. He had same brown Thai weed. The Best was the White Widow. Huge moist sticky 2 grams pieces. It seemed so good I was in Utopia for sure just smelling it. He also let me feel and smell the Nepal hash. I thought there for a second he would let me take a free toke of it but no luck. We sat down and rolled the White Widow, it was really too moist to smoke in a joint. I wish I had a pipe. I asked if he had a vaporizer but no luck. So we had to pull really hard on the joint and it was difficult to smoke. But the weed is killer. I asked for a 1 gram bag instead but again: no luck Over three days I smoked three monster joints of this wonderful weed, Real moist sticky and great. Just hard to smoke in a joint. I'd go back today if I could. They played cool music not sure what it was but the dude was singing it so happily I just am glad it was not so loud I give this place a big smile for sure. Relaxed and cool not loud at all.
Positive Review Liam the Loner from Ireland sent 29 Jun 2004
Had been here twice before but this time I decided to stay in the hotel with 3 friends. The accommodation was pretty good and the coffeeshop was very good. The staff couldn't do enough to help and the selection of weeds was great. The Purple Haze was possibly one of the nicest smokes of the trip and I got some really nice Zero Zero and Santa Maria. The bench outside is also lovely for sittin out and chillin with your purchase.
Positive Review Spud from Ireland sent 29 Apr 2004
This small little coffeeshop was our second choice one morning when Homegrown Fantasy hadn’t opened early enuff for us! A good selection of weed and hash, my mate got a 25 euro bag of Blueberry which was massive, and some nice Purple Haze, top class stuff! This place is also a hotel, may stay there next time we come, "wake and bake" anyone?
Positive Review Den from England sent 5 Jan 2004
What a great little shop in a great location. A wonderful warm skunky smell as you enter, then a warm smile from the lady behind the counter, with a great selection of weed and hash at the end of the bar. Good quality weed at a good price, and the hot chocolate is the best in Amsterdam! Everyone in the shop was friendly, there were a few nationalities in there, we got talking to a Spanish couple who were v nice peps. This will be my 1st stop the next time I go for sure, it was warm and cozy and had the footy on the T.V. What more could you want.
Positive Review Matt from UK sent 12 Nov 2001
This was the very best out of the 37 coffeeshops I visited whilst I was in Amsterdam. I say this for a number of reasons: firstly the quality of the skunks and hashes there were better than that of grey area and barneys and kadinskys, which in my opinion all sell some of the best stuff in Amsterdam but for a greatly increased price. secondly the price, at 50 guilders for 5g of white widow, jack herer, ice. 60 guilders for 5g of grey mist and 80 guilders for 5g of my personal favourite super silver haze it was the cheapest place I found. thirdly the kindness and help of the staff to make u feel as comfortable and at home as possible as you sit there smoking away at a fat L skin of super silver haze, the guy serving even gave my friend and I free lighters, packs of rizzla and books of roach material with each of our purchases.