closed coffeeshop in Harderwijk
Reviews of Uzay Number of Positive Reviews 1 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Michel from Harderwijk sent 12 Jul 2007
Closed their doors in 2003, the reason why? The town council viewpoint is, that 1 coffeeshop in Harderwijk already 1 too much is. So we only have one Coffeeshop left, it's called the Liberty.
Positive Review Treve from Netherlands sent 8 Jun 2004
Big underestimating of this fine coffeeshop in my city. I never had any trouble with any dogs, and the products are alright. Uzay is a coffeeshop with friendly workers and friendly smokers. Unfortunately it's going to be closed.
Negative Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 4 Mar 2004
For reasons we'll come to shortly, you'll probably prefer Harderwijk's other coffeeshop, Liberty, to this one. The hippy style window painting seems inviting enough, but on entering this very dark, narrow shop, you will probably notice something very unusual: Dogs. Just when you think you've seen everything in a coffeeshop. Uzay seems to be an almost wilfully 'dog-friendly' place. Peering into the UV-lit box at the wares on offer, you may well have a tail wag against you, or a cold nose sniff upwards at your crotch, as you make your choice. There are two Photoplays here, and a table football, if you are genuinely that much of a dog lover. But as anyone who has seen that clip from That's Life! will know, put half a dozen dogs that don't know each other together in unfamiliar surroundings, such as a dark, cramped coffeeshop, and three things will happen: 1) some will try to copulate; 2) some will growl and maybe come to blows, and 3) some will drop turds on the floor, either from excitement or fear. 3) seems to be an accepted fact of life here, and when it happened before our very eyes, the owner of that dog simply pulled out a baggie, picked up the droppings, and handed the full bag over the counter to the owner for - one presumes? - hygienic disposal. I'm afraid that was the point we decided to move on. Other coffeeshop owners who know this shop, and with whom we talked, agreed with us that this was pretty unpleasant.