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Fly II

coffeeshop in The Hague
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Positive Review Mint from UK sent 17 Apr 2012
Small and not very comfortable. Not sure of the opening times but we arrived about noon and were the only people there. Walk in and the bud tender is in front of you and there are a couple of glass cabinets showing pipes and other paraphernalia in the main shop area as well as a drinks vending machine. No free papers or tips. The enclosed smoking area is to the back of the shop. It's very small and has enough seating for about 15. The seating isn't comfortable, more like plastic garden chairs which makes it feel like a dodgy road side food stop. The only entertainment is a large TV mounted on the wall. The Budtenders didn't seem the friendliest and it wasn't the largest of menu's but the Buble (their spelling not mine) I bought was excellent so no complaints there. Personally I wouldn't recommend you going out of your way to visit Fly II as there are better and more comfortable places to go but as I said the Buble was excellent. Wares 8/10. Shop 3/10