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De Vliegende Hollander

coffeeshop Groningen
De Vliegende Hollander
coffee shop De Vliegende Hollander, Groningen, Groningen for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, menu, map, picture
Reviews of De Vliegende Hollander Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Kevin L. from USA. Sent 17 Apr 2018.
Have frequented this coffeeshop many, many times since 1987. It was always a decent score. But several years ago they renovated and now have a great appearance and roomy sales 'desk' (as spacious and long as any hotel check-in desk area). No attitude, no pretences, arguably the largest and best selection in town. Quality and varied menu at all times. Easy access from the train station (short 8 minute walk). I occasionally peruse a couple other shops in town, but rarely buy anything. Just seeing where they rate in comparison to the Vliegende Hollander. For my taste, others do not come close. In 2018, there is no reason to operate as a dumpy, dark, thematic hole-in-the-wall. I usually avoid easy-to-find, close to the train station coffeeshops in a line of tourist restaurants, etc (like those close to Centraal Station in A'dam, especially the tourist traps like Bulldog, Grasshopper). But this place is not a tourist trap. They are a genuine and knowledgeable bunch with: * Excellent, fresh supplies; * Competitive prices; * Knowledgeable, experienced staff; * No cheating on the weight! * Smoking area, etc. and, most of all, they clean and weigh your order right in front of you. No pre-packaged, dried-out products here (as is common in so many c'shops these days). Hadn't been here in about 5 months, visited yesterday, and felt I should report back to those cruising the 'net for info. If you're in or near Groningen, it's worth a short train ride.
Positive Review The Flying Finn from Finland. Sent 28 Dec 2015.
Newly renovated, this shop now breaks the Groninger tradition of pre-bagged weed with tupperware boxes which you may ask to see and smell, and you can buy by the gram, or for a certain amount of money (5€ minimum). The weed is then weighed and bagged up for you. Nice selection from budget outdoor weed to top-quality Amnesia Haze, and some decent Ice-o-lator hash as well. A 20€ buy gets you a token, and five tokens are good for a free 5€ bag of any weed. Much better than it was before, highly recommended!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 19 Jul 2011.
Buy and go these days, unless you want to sit in tiny glass cages. Good hash joint.
Neutral Review Otto from Groningen. Sent 18 Dec 2007.
The shop is O.K. A little commercial, not much place to sit, but I wouldn't if I could probably. They got some nice weed every now and then, but nothing special. Pre-rolled joints for 3 euro's, I would get them somewhere else (cheaper and nicer).
Positive Review Tom from USA. Sent 27 Aug 2007.
This shop had some really great Purple weed at slightly above 4e a gram. I wish I picked up a few more grams of it, but I only bought one because it was the last shop of the trip and I had already spent so much. I also picked up some Snow White which is really nice quality at just above 7 euro a gram and two space cakes. I felt comfortable enough to sit in this shop and smoke a joint before catching the last train home. On the train I ate about half of a space cake and felt pretty good the rest of the night. The next day I spent the remaining 1 and a half spacecake with my friend, who proceeded to get even more outrageously high than myself. These nicely potent cakes were more than a bargain at 2,50 euro. The dealer looked like he was concerned we were going to overdose on them when I insisted on buying two, but I tested out half of one first. While this was a pretty low dose for me 2/3rds of a cake was nearly too much for my friend who was incapacitated all night.
Positive Review Julian from Germany. Sent 17 Oct 2004.
De Vliegende Hollander is a rather small shop in the center of Groningen. Its ambient is not basement-like, the shop is very bright due to its big windows. There is only one big table you can sit at, just near the entrance. If this one is already occupied, you'll have to sit on wobbly bar stools. The barmaid was very nice, and the coffee was ok (1,25 Euros for a small cup). There is a very small bong for smoking. We took some hits, smoked a joint and then just watched the people on the street go by for two hours while listening to radio and good ambient music. Many people leave and enter this shop due to its central location, this makes you feel not very relaxed because everyone entering and leaving the shop will interrupt the atmosphere for a short while. No one was ever loud or disturbing, though. We haven't bought any cannabis in this shop.
Positive Review Nikki from Groningen. Sent 26 May 2004.
A small place. Nice people work there. Have pot and hash for 5 and 15 euro. Joints for 2,50 and 6 for 12,50. They are the only coffee shop in Groningen that sell mixed joints.
Neutral Review An American Stoner in Groningen. Sent 25 Oct 2003.
De Vliegende Hollander has a rather rough air. More like a lunch counter dockside. The ashtrays were very dirty, and crumpled bits of paper & tobacco were lying everywhere. Customers were a varied lot. Internet access? There's a keyboard/mouse/monitor, but it wasn't functioning when I was there. You buy your wares at a little walled booth off to the right. They offered 3 varieties of hash: black, brown, and red. All 3 @ €5.00 Also 3 varieties of buds: Redhair & Schneewidchen @ €5.00, & Skunk for €6.50. The Redhair is nice. Bit of a creeper, though! Not harsh at all, and if you take the time to pick out red hairs with tweezers, you have yourself a mighty fine tasting bong hit!
Negative Review John from USA. Sent 20 Aug 2003.
Good smoke and hash, but we got ripped off on the joints. 12.50 euro, for 6, and it was just tabak.... I'll never go there again.