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Positive Review Des from Ireland. Sent 27 May 2017.
1st visit to the dam in 11 years so done the research on what's still open. Narrowed it down to two coffee shops and booked a hotel close to one. Never got to visit the other because Voyagers is so good. Friendly knowledgeable guys\girl bud tenders with great quality flowers and topman owner. Busy place very close to station, so so handy - not the biggest but who cares too much. Good atmosphere - all welcome except troublemakers. Out of 10 - got to be at least 9.5 and I don't know why I drop .5. Top shop - will be back asap!
Positive Review Mo from Scotland. Sent 5 Mar 2015.
Stayed at Voyagers last year. It's by far the best 'room' (with huge bath) we have had in Amsterdam and their Lemon Bubble rocks! Great hotel, great ganj, great shop.
Positive Review JenneJ from USA. Sent 26 Aug 2013.
We visited this shop on August 25, 2013 after a smokeshop crawl the day before. We agree with many, that in so many ways this shop is the best. However, the hours listed here are NOT their hours. We were getting there just as they closed at 11pm on a Sunday, and like the manager said to me, "those aren't our hours at all. We open when we get here and close when we want. We're professional stoners, man. I can't tell you I'll be open at 10 am tomorrow, because I surely won't make it here. Just keep checking back." So my suggestion is hit this one whenever you go by and see it's open, or perhaps miss your chance.
Positive Review Snookie from England. Sent 29 Apr 2012.
This place has the finest selection of smoke in dam (with the exception of Grey Berry). Purple Strawberry Bliss is a taste sensation and the high is damn fine also. A passport is required as shop is non-Dutch run (I think). It's a small place but well worth the visit and even better for a first joint smoke as it's less than 10mins walk from the station. Staff really good and helped 2 very stoned ppl find other coffee shops.
Positive Review Donnus from UK. Visited 04/04/2011. Sent 31 Dec 2011.
This was just a flying visit at the end of the day. The member of staff who sorted me out was very friendly; she was more than happy to chat about the menu, despite me arriving just before closing time. I got the impression they were winding down for the evening and just wanted to get something to take back to the hotel. I bought 1 gram of Malana High Mountain Cream for 20 euros (it was also possible to buy half a gram for 10 euros). Malana Cream is probably my favourite thing to smoke, and I've bought it in most places where I've had the opportunity. This Malana Cream from Voyagers very strong too, probably the nicest Malana Cream I've ever had. It smoked really nice, had a fantastic smell and flavour, this was proper Malana cream. Not just someone calling it that :)